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Types of Diseases that Commonly Attack Common Hatchetfish

Description: Common hatchetfish are prone to diseases if they are not being taken care of properly. To prevent it, you should know the types of common hatchetfish diseases.

When buying a new common hatchetfish, quarantine is a must. This is because newly-caught common hatchetfish tend to bring parasites and bacteria. Not only get sick, but it could also spread the diseases to other fishes in the aquarium. To prevent this, you need to spot your sick fish by knowing the types of diseases that commonly attack common hatchetfish. By knowing it, you will know what to do to treat each of the common hatchetfish diseases.  

1. Protozoan diseases: Ichtyobodo infection 

Ichtybodo infection is common hatchetfish diseases caused by a protozoan called ichtyobodo. Common hatchetfish can be especially prone to it when there is a change in their habitat. This is because high-stress levels weaken the immune system, and a weak immune system makes common hatchetfish vulnerable to parasitic infection. 

How do you spot the fish with ichtybodo infection? First, know that this infection affects common hatchetfish' gills and skin. Their skin will look steel gray, and there will be gray or blue mucus around the gills. Infected fish will look lethargic and show loss of appetite. Unfortunately, to cure this common hatchetfish disease, you need to see a specialist because microscopic diagnostic is required before treating it.

2. Parasitic diseases: Skin flukes 

Contrary to what you might think, flukes is not the name of common hatchetfish diseases. Skin flukes is a 1 mm long flatworm (Gyrodactylus spp) that can drill a hole in fishes' flesh. It appears due to poor water quality, and it can cause suffocation and infect fish with bacterial infection when they reproduce.

When your fish contracted skin flukes, there will be mucus covering common hatchetfish' body or gills. Their gills will move rapidly while looking like it's been chewed and they will often scratch against nearby objects. To treat skin flukes, anti-worm medication praziquantel is effective. However, make sure to administer it carefully as the instructions.

3. Bacterial diseases: Tail, fin, and mouth rot

Like its name, this bacterial common hatchetfish diseases cause the tail, fin, and mouth of a fish rot. Common hatchetfish can contract this when they have tail or fin injury in an aquarium with bad water condition. Aside from the tail and fins' deteriorating condition, these bacterial diseases can also cause cloudy eyes and reduced oxygen intake. 

To treat this disease, first examine the cause of the injury. If other types of fish cause it, then you need to separate them first because common hatchetfish is a shy fish that will lose in a fight with other fish.  Then, treat the fish by giving them one bacterial treatment tablet each day for five days until the symptoms disappear. If it's because of the water, treat the water with antibiotics. It is recommended to add 20- 30 mg of chloromycetin or chloramphenicol per liter. 

4. Fungal diseases: Fungus infection

Fungal disease might be not as common as parasitic or bacterial diseases. Still, it can kill common hatchetfish quickly. This is because fish that develop fungus infections are already vulnerable due to other health problems, such as parasitic or bacterial infections. Because of this, many diagnosed fungal infections are not even true fungal infection but a bacterial infection.

Typically, these common hatchetfish diseases will appear as whitish cottony growth on fish. However, it could also be an internal fungus, which is harder to detect. Treating fungal diseases is usually easy because the treatment tablet is often an all-in-one treatment tablet for bacterial and fungal diseases.

Prevention is better than a cure. You can prevent many common hatchetfish diseases by giving your fish a stress-free and clean environment that will keep their immune system strong. However, that is still not a guarantee because the health problem in fish came from many sources. Hopefully, you can be more prepared of it by knowing many types of diseases that commonly attack common hatchetfish.


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