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The Types of Fish That are Popular in the Aquarium Today

The Types of Fish That are Popular in the Aquarium Today

Meta-description: First timer as an aquarium owner? Start your journey as a fish-hobbyist by picking a popular fish in an aquarium.

Popular fish plays essential roles for the inspiration to fill up the aquarium. The more popular the fish, the more comfortable for you to take care of it and find it in the store. A popular fish is also easy to sell, so if you want to get profit from this hobby, it is better for you to have the popular ones.
Here is the list of the popular fish in the freshwater aquarium:

 There are many varieties of goldfish based on its characteristics and colors. But people tend to like a goldfish with bubbly heads. Some people think that it is unique and brings good luck.

A goldfish in the aquarium can live well in the temperatures around 62-74-degree Fahrenheit. It also prefers an unheated aquarium. So, for the beginner, a goldfish is a good choice.

Goldfish is also a messy eater and can make the water becomes dirtier. You have to change the water regularly every week and give dechlorinator in the aquarium to sterilize it.

2. Platies
Platies are not only famous for its unique characteristic, but it is also famous as a good aquarium fish in the community tank. It can adapt so well with the passive fish, so they won’t attack others. Platies are also a livebearer so that they can bear the young fish regularly. However, the problem comes when it lives with active fish because they will eat the Platies’ babies.

Platies come in various colors, and the fish hobbyist can combine two Platies to produce the babies in different colors. That is why people love to buy Platies in pairs.

Not only eat the flake, but the Platies also eat the algae that grow inside the tank. Hence, feeding the Platies is easy for the beginner.

3. Betta
Betta is also a favorite fish due to its beautiful color in the tail, especially if you choose the male Betta because the males have great flash in the fins.

You can feed the Betta with pellets or flakes—those are the foods that Betta cannot resist. Unlike the previous fish, they don’t like to eat algae that develop in the aquarium.

Betta is a fighting fish, and the other name of Betta is Siamese Fighting Fish. It can easily fight other Betta fish. Hence, it is better for you to put it with other fish species.

4. Tetra
Tetra comes in various color, and one of the famous ones is Black Skirt Tetra. Black Skirt Tetra is known as a calm fish. So, unlike Betta, you can put Tetra in the giant fish community.

Tetra is not a picky eater. They are going to eat any fish that you give them. Thus you don’t have to prepare delicate foods.

Tetra also keeps peace with other fish so they won’t fight others in the tank. But, don’t put a fish that loves to fight because it will attack the Tetra.

5. White Cloud Minnow
If you have an unheated tank, you can choose White Cloud Minnow. It can live in the unheated aquarium and can tolerate up to 60 Fahrenheit temperature.

But, they will be stressed if it is put inside the tank alone since Minnow loves to live and swim in the group. If you pick Minnow for your tank, buy 5 or more to make them healthy.

If you are looking for popular fish that is easy to maintain, you can choose one of these fishes. They are perfect for beginners. Which one is your favorite?


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