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Benefits of Maintaining Bala Sharks Fish at Home

Meta-Description: Here are some benefits of maintaining Bala Sharks fish at home. Know more to reveal what you can get from these stunning creatures.

One of the exotic freshwater aquarium choices for the fish hobbyist is Bala Shark. The fish, also known as Tricolor Minow, are schooling fish that will give a magnificent addition to the tanks. And don't feel intimidated with the name, because, the only one that can relate this fish to that giant sea creature is the fin.

Far from being dangerous and terrible, Bala Shark is an exotic fish with tolerant behavior and easy temperament. And there are still many benefits you can get from maintaining the fish in the tanks. Read more to know the benefits of maintaining Bala Sharks fish at home:

Easy Feeding Habits
Bala Shark is omnivores that naturally eat insects their own larvae and eggs, and phytoplankton. In the tanks, you can give them frozen food or dry ones. Their feeding habits are easy and won't burden you.

However, in captivity, never feed the fish with the blood worms. The blood worms are not easy to digest for the, and it can cause further serious disease.

Love to Swim
Bala Sharks are active fish that love to swim in a group. And when the schooling fish swim, they will swim in a beautiful way. Moreover, when the light reflects rainbow from their bodies, or when they are ready to mate. Both males and females perform a dance before the reproduction begins.

Having Bala Sharks in the tanks will make it a good decoration from your home. Add sufficient light, but not too many plants, moreover if you intend to spawn them.

Nice to Others
As long as you give enough space, Bala Sharks are kind to other fish. They are also active but do not bother other fish.

Still, they can grow up to 14 inches in size, and when they have reached their size, don't put some fish under half-size of them. They can mistake those tiny fish as food and eat them.

There are many benefits of maintaining Bala Sharks fish at home. However, make sure that you can keep them in a proper way since the fish is actually in danger of extinction due to the decrease of the population by 50% for a decade.

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