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Types of Cory Catfish and Fish Feed

(Meta description: Cory catfish are loved for their friendly, sociable manners. They are also easily maintained. Get to know the type and how to feed cory catfish.)

Cory catfish is a favourite to those who love pet fish. They are friendly and easily maintained. Get to know the type of and how to feed cory catfish.
5 Types of Cory Catsifh
       1.     Bronze cory catfish (Corydoras aeneus).
This type of cory catfish can be either bronze (obviously) or green. They can grow as long as two and a half to three inches (7.5 centimetres). Another thing that affects their growth is the size of the aquarium. The bigger it is, the longer their bodies can grow.

       2.     Panda cory catfish (Corydoras panda).
With pale bodies, panda cory catfish have black patches on, especially around their eyes. Panda cory catfish is also often mistaken for Corydoras metae.
Panda cory catfish are also energetic. You need a big enough tank, so they can roam around freely. A tank of 20 – 30 gallons of water is the safest bet.

       3.     Julii cory catfish (Corydoras julii).
The spots on their bodies will remind you of those on leopards. Julii cory catfish can grow up to between 2 – 5 centimetre long. To keep them happy and active, put them in a medium-sized tank.
        4.     False julii corycatfish (Corydoras trilineatus).
This type of cory catfish is often mistaken as the real julii cory catfish. The difference is that they have more widepsread spots.

        5.     Pygmy cory catfish (Corydoras pygmaeus).
This type of cory catfish is the smallest of all five. They can grow up to 2.5 centimetres, so a 10-gallon-of-water tank is enough for them. Although most are naturally bottom-dwellers, you can see some of them float in mid-water layer.
To keep them happy, put at least 8 fish in a tank. Never put bigger, more aggressive tankmates with them.

Foods for Cory Catfish
Sinking pellet foods, algae wafers, and dried shrimp are the best options to feed cory catfish. They are omnivores, so just feed them small bits of zucchini sometimes.

Feed cory catfish regularly, but not too much. Once a day is enough, depending on how hungry they are.


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