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How to Choose a Good Quality of Koi Fish

Sometimes, purchasing koi fish to place in your pond can be difficult, especially when you haven’t decided which best type to take home. Well, if you ask, there are two aspects to be considered for choosing the best quality of koi fish.

First, the price is the factor you need to think before making a decision. If you are a beginner, it is possible for you to make mistakes. So, it is better to choose the low-priced koi so you won't waste anything in a great deal.

Second, the resilience of the koi is another thing you need to consider. As a beginner, you should anticipate the possible mistakes you will do in the future. Let's say that you may forget to feed them or clean their pond. That is why taking home koi with good resilience is a good idea.

Then, after you understand those two aspects, you can read and think over the types of koi fish of good quality below.

1. Kohaku Koi Fish

The impression of Kohaku Koi fish is simply iconic. Also, because of their resilience and their friendly trait, this type of koi fish can be the perfect choice for beginners to fill their pond.

2. Butterfly Koi Fish

This type has become the well-known of koi fish because of their elegant, gracious fins. However, rather than their appearance, Butterfly Koi fish also have the strong physical resistance that makes them fit for the beginner. The price is non-cheap, but it is paid off over their good quality.

3. Ghost Koi Fish

If you don't have a problem with money, this one could be your best option. Ghost Koi fish are the result of cross-breeding between koi and carp. From the genetics, they are very resilient––many breeders even called them "the bullet-proof".

So, if those aspects above have already stuck in your mind, you know what to do next. Have fun!

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