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Why Should You Start Farming Dwarf Gourami?

Description: dwarf gourami fish farming offers various benefits and perks even for starter fish breeders. Here are some of them.

There are many types of freshwater fish you can choose to farm, but dwarf gourami fish have special places among fish breeders. Dwarf gourami fish farming started to become popular in South and East Asia, before spreading to America and Europe. These mini versions of gourami offer various benefits compared to other fish, which are great if you want to start a business.

Why do breeders and aquarium owners love dwarf gourami? There are several possible reasons.

Brilliant color ranges

Dwarf gourami fish have unique, brilliant color ranges. The common variety has brilliant blue with red stripe markings. The variations include blue and solid red color, powdery blue, or neon blue with subtler red markings. They look amazing when displayed in any tank.

Quick to breed

Dwarf gourami fish are quite profitable for tank owners who want to breed the fish. After mating, female gourami immediately produced eggs, which the male proceeds to put in nest bubbles. The male fish will take care of them for 24 hours before the fry hatches. They start swimming in three days and eat brine or protein flakes in a week.

Calm, Peaceful Fish

Depending on the tank companions and populations, dwarf gourami fish are quite calm and peaceful. They get along with smaller, less colorful, and peaceful fish such as cichlid and neon tetra. Since they are not nippers like the bettas or guppies, you don’t risk losing good fish because they get attacked. However, unless you want to breed them, make sure to separate male and female fish.

Easy to Feed

Dwarf gourami is not fussy eaters. They are omnivores in their wild habitats, which means you can vary the foods. Their main diets are protein-rich pellets or flakes. For variations, introduce live feeds such as brine and bloodworms. You can also add chopped and blanched vegetables, such as celery or watercress, and plant-based pellets for veggie nutrition.

Quick to Breed

If you plan to have a fish breeding business, dwarf gourami should be one of the most profitable species. They mature fast, and you only need to feed the female live feed for a week before introducing the male. The signs of breeding results are easy to notice (the male makes bubble nest on the surface of the water), so you can avoid accidentally damaging them.

Robust and Long Life

Dwarf gourami fish are descendants of wild gourami, which makes them robust and quite strong (although bacterial or fungal diseases are still man concerns). Dwarf gourami fish also have around four years of lifespan, quite a long life for small fish.

Dwarf gourami fish farming offers benefits from the fish’s positive qualities. Add these fish as specimens when you decide to start a fish business.


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