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How to Spawn Zebra Danio Fish in The Aquarium

Meta: Zebra Danios are prolific breeders which can produce up to 500 eggs in each fertilization process. Here we have some tricks about how to spawn Zebra Danio fish in the aquarium.

What comes to your mind when you hear about Zebra Danio fish? If you think that it is a kind of freshwater fish which has delightful black and white lines just like a zebra, then you are right. Zebra Danios are unique; they don’t want to live alone but thrive in a group. If you plant to spawn Zebra Danio fish in the aquarium, here are useful tricks.

Separate Male and Female Zebra Danio

To spawn Zebra Danio fish, you need to separate the male and female in two different tanks after they mate. The males are a little bit smaller and slimmer than the females. In terms of color, the males look more vibrant than the females. When the females are starting to have eggs, they will look chubbier.

Feed them good-quality of live food

Having separated the males and females, feed Danios high-quality of live food; bloodworm, mosquito, or even daphnia. If it’s hard to find these live foods, you can feed them frozen foods as an alternative.

Set Water Temperature of The Aquarium

Zebra Danios live in water with a temperature of up to 26 ᵒC in order to spawn. This condition can be initiated by increasing the water to higher degrees when the breeding habitually occurs. When the spawning is happening, approximately 300 to 500 eggs will be dispersed in around the upper and the bottom of the plants. Those eggs will hatch in two days.

Separate Adult and Young Danios

When the spawning is done, put away the breeders in separate tanks since they like to eat the eggs. Be sure to take care of the tank in order to help the young grow well. And when the spawn Zebra Danio is a success, you will have a lot more fish in the tank!
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