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The Cory Catfish Disease Types

The Cory Catfish Disease Types

(Meta description: To identify cory catfish disease types, let’s check out the common symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Once you figure them all out, they will be fine.)

As friendly, sociable creatures, cory catfish have their weaknesses too. Just like other fish, they can also get sick. As part of their treatment, you have to know many cory catfish disease types.
3 Common Symptoms On Sick Cory Catfish

To identify cory catfish disease types, let’s check out these three (3) common symptoms first:
       1.     Infections from bacteria.
Observe their lack of activity, the fading colours bloatedness in their bodies, frayed fins, and cloudy eyes. Some may also have open sores, red streaks, and bulging eyes. Others suffer inflammation on the skin and internal organs – and from difficulty of breathing.

        2.     Infections from fungi.
They tend to get really edgy, like darting around, swimming erratically, and scratching. Some also develop cotton-like tufts on their skin, eyes, or mouth.

        3.     Infections from parasites.
Their lack of activity, appetite loss, and excessive mucus on their film and body are three obvious signs. Other symptoms include trouble breathing, scratching a lot, and visible spots or worms.

Samples of Cory Catfish Disease and How To Take Care of Them:
There are three (3) things to note down when observing your cory catfish: symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Since there are a lot of examples, here are three (3) of them:
      -       The swelling heads and bulging eyes.
If you see your cory catfish looking like this, it is caused by corneybacteriosis. Treat them with OTC antibiotics, like tetracyclin and penicillin.
      -       The ragged or decaying fins.
Finrot is the cause of this. Check the water pH in the tank first. If it is normal, give your fish the OTC antibiotics for their fin or tail. Do not forget to maintain the tank water regularly.

      -       The infected eyes by white or grey fungus.
Cory catfish can have cataracts too, thanks to these fungi. Get the OTC medication to kill the fungi off.

To keep your cory catfish healthy, do not forget to check them regularly. Once you recognise many cory catfish disease types, treat them with the right medications.


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