how to maintain Betta splendens in an aquarium

Betta splendens is a type of freshwater fish that is used as pet fish.

Betta splendens are quite popular among fish hobbyists, these fish are used as ornamental fish because they have an attractive body shape and have a variety of colors.

Betta splendens in nature breed by laying eggs.

Betta splendens like environments with moderate lighting levels.

Betta splendens can be maintained in aquariums or small sized fish containers made of glass.

in maintenance of the aquarium, there are several things to consider when maintaining a Betta splendens, namely:

1. water used to maintain Betta splendens must have a pH of 7.

2. the level of water hardness in the maintenance container is 8 H.

3. The appropriate water temperature for maintaining Betta splendens is 26 C.

3. The amount of water filled for the maintenance of Betta splendens is 40 liters.

4. For Betta splendens maintenance, the water level in the maintenance container is 6 cm.

5. The feed given to Betta splendens is dry feed.

6. Betta splendens is a type of fish that can be maintained by novice fish hobbyists because Betta splendens is quite easy to maintain and care for.

7. in maintenance of the aquarium, plants and rocks can also be installed to add to the beauty of the aquarium environment.

8. Betta splendens have a habit of swimming on the surface of the water and Betta splendens often surface to breathe and take in oxygen.

9. because Betta splendens often take air to the surface of the water, the maintenance container should not be closed over it.

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