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how to keep Maylandia estherae in an aquarium

Maylandia estherae is a type of fish that lives in freshwater.

Maylandia estherae has orange color. in nature the fish of Maylandia estherae breed by laying eggs.

Maylandia estherae fish live and love the aquatic environment with moderate lighting levels.

Maylandia estherae fish can be kept in an aquarium.

in maintenance in the aquarium there are several things that need to be considered so that the fish Maylandia estherae can grow healthy, including:

1. The pH of the aquarium water used to keep fish is 8.1

2. the level of water hardness in the aquarium is 22 H.

3. the water temperature in the aquarium is 27 C.

4. the amount of water filled in the Maylandia estherae fish rearing aquarium is 100 liters.

5. height of the water in the aquarium that is installed that is equal to 12 cm.

6. in maintenance in the aquarium Maylandia estherae need to be fed, the feed that can be given to the fish Maylandia estherae is in the form of dry feed.

7. Maylandia estherae fish live in aquatic environments with moderate lighting levels, so if you want to install lights in an aquarium, the lamps chosen must be lamps that have moderate lighting levels.

8. Maylandia estherae is an aggressive fish, therefore maintenance in aquariums must be done carefully.

9. to beautify the aquarium rocks can be installed on the aquarium. These rocks are installed with the aim of creating environmental conditions which are the same as the environmental conditions where the Maylandia estherae fish live in nature.

10. Maylandia estherae fish have a habit of swimming below, in the middle and above near the surface of the aquarium water.

so that maintenance of Maylandia estherae in the aquarium can run smoothly, we should pay attention to the things mentioned above.

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