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How to spawn Zebra Danio in a fish pond.

Zebra Danio fish come from Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka.

Zebra Danio fish can grow to a maximum size of 5 cm. This fish is included into the type of omnivorous fish.

in maintenance in water tanks both in fish ponds or in aquariums, water quality needs to be considered, Zebra Danio fish can live optimally at temperatures of 25-27 C, pH 6.5-7, and water hardness levels of 6-8 dH.

Zebra Danio fish breed by laying eggs, these fish eggs are not attached.

Comparison between male fish and female broodstock for spawning is usually 2: 1. Spawning of Zebra Danio fish can be done together in a tub or spawning pond.

the number of brood stock in each maintenance container measuring 1 m2 can be filled with around 200 individuals.

spawning tanks can be in the form of ponds or cement tanks. The water filled in the spawning tank is not too high enough about 10 cm so that the eggs quickly fall to the bottom or nest spawning in the form of water plants.

water plants that are used preferably from basic plant types such as algae that are quite dense. this is intended so that the parent fish do not have the opportunity to eat their eggs because they are protected.

for spawning together in fish ponds, before spawning the male parent fish and female parent fish should be maintained separately, later after the female parent is completely full of eggs then mixed with the male fish.

when spawning the male parent fish will chase the female parent, then the female parent will drop her eggs into the water. at that time the male parent fish will quickly fertilize these eggs.

fertilized eggs must be quickly picked up or the mother fish removed immediately. the eggs will hatch after 24 hours, the larvae of the Zebra Danio fish will start swimming after two days of hatching.

water changes in the maintenance of larvae of Zebra Danio fish can be done after the larvae swim or after the larvae are about seven days old.

feed for larvae can be given in the form of artemia, rotifers or infusoria. meanwhile water fleas can be given after the larvae are 3-4 days old.

for large fish can be fed in the form of silk worms or blood worms.

after 2.5 months of maintenance the fish can be harvested and sold with a size of 2.2 cm.

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