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Types of Feed Given to Raising Rosy Barb fish

Description: There are many types of fish feed, but which types are suitable for Rosy Barb fish feed? Because the right diet for your fish equals to a long lifespan. 

Rosy Barb fish is an omnivorous fish; it means that they are naturally able to eat plants and meat (but not chicken and red meat). In their natural habitat, they will feed on anything they can find. Therefore, they are easy to raise in aquariums, which gives you the freedom to arrange your Rosy Barb fish feed diet to be quite flexible according to your budget. Here are the different types of fish feed for your Rosy Barbs: 

1. Live Foods
Rosy Barbs are active as they love to swim around in your aquarium. Feeding them live foods will make them feel as if they are in their natural habitat. You can feed them insects and bloodworm. 
Besides the entertainment of seeing your fish eating them, they are nutritious for your Rosy Barbs as well. Just make sure that the live food is small enough to be considered as prey. 

2. Dry Food
Dry food is for adult fishes only. The most commonly known dry foods are flakes and pellets. Flakes are good for surface eating fishes or for fishes that love to swim in the middle level of the aquarium, just like Rosy Barbs. 
Since there are many kinds of flakes, be sure to read the label before you buy it. Some flakes designed for specific species, and some of them have certain effects, such as color enhancing (it improves your fish’s color). 
If flakes are unavailable in your area, pellets are a good choice as well. There are floating, slow-sinking, and fast-sinking pellets, make sure to buy the ones suitable for Rosy Barbs. 

3. Frozen Foods
Frozen foods can be kept longer than live food if you store it properly in your freezer. Aside from that, it comes in cubes, which makes it easier to measure servings. 
Feeding frozen food to your fishes is easy. Take one serving, thaw it, or you can skip the thawing process and add the cubes directly to your aquarium if you feel lazy. Varieties of frozen foods include single and mixed ingredients of live food. 

4. Vegetables
As mentioned before, Rosy Barb is an omnivorous fish. Giving vegetables as Rosy Barb fish feed for a balanced diet is not a bad idea, but you have to process them first. 
Rosy Barbs can eat boiled peas. You need to remove their pod and crush them before feeding.  One thing to keep in mind is the uneaten vegetables. You need to remove them because they can foul the aquarium’s water quality. 

5. Liquid Food
The last type of fish food is for newly hatched Rosy Barbs. Feeding them with liquid fish food is the only thing that you can provide for their survivability, until they are mature enough to eat adult fish foods. 

Liquid fish foods have the nutritional need of young fishes. It contains food particles or planktons that are small enough for them. Take good care because it is easy to overfeed using liquid food. Please use droppers or pipettes for feeding. 

That is the end of the Rosy Barb fish feed list. Keep in mind that fishes are accustomed to certain types of food. Therefore, having options of recommended fish feed will help you in your journey as a fish keeper hobbyist. 


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