Anostomus ternetzi fish

Anostomus ternetzi fish is included as a type of freshwater fish. This fish belongs to the Anostomidae family.
On the body of Anostomus ternetzi fish has a black and yellow horizontal color with a little red line on the tip of the dorsal fin and caudal fin. In nature this fish lives and likes the environment with a moderate level of lighting.
Anostomus ternetzi fish like the aquatic environment with aquatic plants that grow around the environment where Anostomus ternetzi fish live.

In the breeding process, Anostomus ternetzi fish breed by laying eggs.

Anostomus ternetzi fish can be kept in a water tank. This water tank can be a maintenance tank or aquarium.

The water tank used must meet good requirements, so that Anostomus ternetzi fish can grow healthy.

The water tank to be used must be able to hold 100 liters of water. Water tank can be installed in the form of water plants. This aquatic plant can be obtained in the river where Anostomus ternetzi fish live.

For maintenance in the aquarium, so that the aquarium can look beautiful you need to install lights. The type of lights that are installed must be of high quality, so that if the lights are turned on the fish can be seen well when exposed to aquarium lights.

In addition to maintenance containers, water quality also needs attention. The quality of water used to maintain Anostomus ternetzi fish must be optimal and have good standards, which are among them.
1. Water in the Anostomus ternetzi fish rearing container has a pH of 6.8.
2. The water in the maintenance container has a hardness level of 10.
3. Water temperature of 24 C.

Anostomus ternetzi fish can grow to 18 cm in length. In maintenance both in the aquarium or other maintenance tanks, Anostomus ternetzi fish need to be fed. The type of feed provided can be artificial feed.

Anostomus ternetzi fish have a habit of swimming in the center of the maintenance container. Anostomus ternetzi fish has benign characteristics so that fish can be nurtured by novice fish hobbyists.

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