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5 Suitable Types of Fish in Aquascape

You have a huge tank, and also a bunch of aquascape ideas. Those are a very good start to be a fish-hobbyist. However, those will mean nothing if you place the wrong fish in your aquarium. 

Not every fish suit well in the aquascape. There are some fish who feel bothered with the existence of the aquascape. Or the worst, get hurt with this aquatic garden. Hence, these are the list of the best fishes that will get along in the aquascape. Are you ready to put them on your tank? Here is the list of the fish in aquascape that you can buy:

1.    Neon Tetra

With its beautiful and shiny color, Neon Tetra combines with the aquatic garden, will give you a stunning decoration. But it is not the main reason why you have to put neon tetra in the top list of fish in aquascape. Even though it will grow larger someday, but the size will not reach more than 1 inch. That is why the aquascape can be a good place to stay for the Neon Tetra. This aquatic garden will bring no harm to the fish, and it can be the place to hide from other fishes in the tank. 

2.    Rainbowfish

You can guess what magic brought by this fish only by looking at its name. Rainbowfish has very fascinating color that will make your aquascape brighter. It also reflects right, so you can guess how shiny your tank would be with this fish species. If you just have a simple aquascape, the tiny rainbow fish can give the touch so your tank will not be so bored. 

3.    Chili Rasbora

Having a talent to school, this is a fish that you must choose once you have installed the aquascape to your tank. Its tiny body also suits the aquascape, and the bright red color will enhance the beauty of your aquatic garden. However, once you choose this species, don’t put too much other fish species in the tank. Or, better just to keep only the child rasbora species in a tank, because this small fish has timid behavior. 

4.    Ember Tetra

With its natural orange color, this is the best choice to fill your aquascape if you want a simple tank. Ember tetra has a calming color, and combine with the green aquatic garden, your tank will bring a warm sensation to your living room. Moreover, Ember Tetra is very affordable and easy to find in every aquarium store. Ember Tetra well suits in a lower pH, therefore the aquatic garden will bring them positive vibes. 

Due to their tiny little bodies, they will not get harm living between the aquascape. And since they are very beautiful in color, you won't waste your money making an aquascape: they can enhance the beauty of it. So, choose your fish in aquascape wisely.

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