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How to keep Oryzias latipes fish in an aquarium

Oryzias latipes is a type of freshwater fish that lives in swamps, rice fields and fish ponds.

Oryzias latipes fish has a small body size, the body length of this fish reaches 5 cm. This fish has a beautiful yellow color and if kept in an aquarium it will look beautiful especially if kept in groups of 5-8 fish.

In nature, Oryzias latipes fish reproduce by laying eggs. Fish Oryzias latipes live and like aquatic environments with moderate levels of lighting.

Oryzias latipes fish can be kept in an aquarium as ornamental fish. In order for these fish to grow and live healthily, the maintenance of Oryzias latipes in the aquarium needs to be done in a good way.

Important things that need to be considered when we are going to keep Oryzias latipes fish in the aquarium, namely:

1. pH of water.

The pH of the water affects the fish kept in the aquarium, so that the fish can live healthily, the pH of the aquarium water must be optimal. The pH value of a good aquarium water is 6.7.

2. Water hardness level.

The value of the water hardness level in the aquarium which is good for Oryzias latipes fish maintenance activities is 8.

3. Water temperature.

Water temperature affects the metabolic rate of the fish, so that the fish can grow optimally, the aquarium water temperature value also needs to have an optimal value. The value of good water temperature in maintaining Oryzias latipes fish is 27 degrees Celsius.

4. Amount of aquarium water.

The aquarium water used to raise Oryzias latipes should be sufficient. The amount of water filled in the aquarium is as much as 40 liters.

5. Fish feed.

In order for the fish to live and grow well, the Oryzias latipes fish needs to be fed. The feed that can be given to this fish is in the form of artificial feed.

6. Aquarium lights.

The lamp can be attached to the aquarium. The lights that are installed in the aquarium are done with the aim to illuminate the aquarium so that the aquarium looks beautiful.

7. Aquatic plants.

Aquatic plants are installed in the aquarium with the aim of beautifying the aquarium, besides that these aquatic plants are installed in the aquarium, which is to create an aquarium environment similar to the environment in which Oryzias latipes fish live in nature.

8. Stones.

The rocks can also be installed in the aquarium, these rocks serve as a place for the Oryzias latipes fish to live and take shelter.

Oryzias latipes is a tame fish, so this fish is suitable for beginner fish hobbyists. Oryzias latipes fish has a habit of swimming in the bottom of the aquarium, the middle of the aquarium and at the top of the tank.

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