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Several Tips on Spawning Corydoras Fish

Corydoras fish is tropical fish from South America. Many fish hobbyists like breeding this fish. This fish can spawn easily. Here are several tips on spawning corydoras fish. 

1. Reducing the temperature

Compared to other tropical fish, spawning corydoras fish is Weasy. This animal can adapt to any temperature and water condition with pH level 6.6 up to 7. For spawning, you need to reduce the temperature of the water to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celcius). 

2. Pairing the corydoras

To find out the pairs fish for spawning are quite difficult. You need to pay attention carefully to the differences between male and female. The male ones are smaller than female ones. While the females have rounder and bigger belly. But if it is difficult to differentiate them, you can purchase two or three pairs in the pet shop.

3. Creating comfortable atmosphere

Before spawning, you need to create the comfortable atmosphere in the aquarium. You need to provide 20 gallons high tank, clean water, pH stabilizer, and filter. You also need to include the floating plants, pots and coconut shells for the fish to hide but more space to swim around. 

4. Supplying the food

The corydoras pairs need more food to spawn. Provide them with varieties of diet so that the pairs will start spawning soon. You can feed them black worms, brine shrimps, and shrimp pellets. You can also mix the diet with the combination of algae, plant, and veggies. Feed them four times a day. 

5. Spawning corydoras fish

When the pairs are in spawning mode, the females will lay the eggs on the bottom and all over sides of the tank. In few nights, the females will plaster the eggs everywhere. You should place the adult pairs to another tank with a heater or filter to prevent them to eat their eggs. Turn on the heater and increase the temperature 2 degrees every 6 hours until the temperature reaches 72 degrees for 10 days. Then your fry will hatch from the eggs and swim freely. 

6. Caring the fry

You can feed the fry with live or frozen brine shrimp for a week. You can feed them with varieties of food after a week. Don’t forget to change a little water about 5% every day to clean the water. In 3-4 weeks, you can add the filtration to the grown-up fry.

If you are interested in spawning the corydoras fish, you need to follow these following tips carefully. The chance of breeding the fish is high. 


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