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The Best Plants Aquascape to Decorate Your Tank

Not only as the decoration for the tank, aquascape has the function to protect the fish. In the natural habitat, fish use the cave, coral, stones, and other plants to hide from the predators and other dangers. In the tank, the function held by the aquascape.

As an artificial garden, aquascape is composed of sands, rocks, woods, and also the artificial plants. However, not all the artificial plants can be used as a part of the aquascape. If you choose the wrong plant, there is a chance that your aquarium might be dirty and it can give bad impact to the health of the fish. Therefore, choose these plants aquascape as the main parts of your aquatic garden:

1. Christmas Moss

A lavish touch for every aquatic garden, Christmas moss is not only good as a decoration but also has the function to absorb the nitrates in the tank. Christmas Moss can grow both in low and high light tank. It is quite cheap in price so for you who are tight on budget, this is your first best choice.


2. Java Moss

This is the most common used moss in the tank. Besides its affordable price, Java Moss can also adapt both in the low or high light. Java Moss is usually used as the carpet of the tank due to its texture that looks like artificial grass. Java Moss is the best keeper for the baby shrimp.

3. Anubias

For a natural look, Anubias is the winner. It can adapt to every lighting condition and can be bought in every store. Combining with wood, you will make an aquatic garden that makes the fish feel safe and comfortable. It is also good for fish like molly or tetra to protect themselves from other fishes. But, arrange Anubias well, so that your tank won’t be overshadowed and can bother the fish inside your tank. 

4. Amazon Swords

Want a best aquatic plant for the aquascape background? Nothing can beat the enchantment of Amazon Swords. With its broad and tall leaves, Amazon Swords makes your tank feel shady and cold. Plus, it is easy to maintain and can adapt in any water condition. 

If you choose the Jungle Style aquascape in your tank, Amazon Swords is the best choice for you. This plant will make your aquatic garden looks like a tropical forest. But, Amazon Swords grows quickly, so you must trim it more often. 

Those are the types of plants aquascape that you can choose to decorate your tank. Remember not to put too many plants, or your tank will be such a mess. And don't forget to take care of those plants, just like when you take care of your fish.

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