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Flower Horn Fish Diseases and Several Treatments to Cure Them

Meta description: Flower Horn fish diseases are mostly caused by the bad quality of water. Knowing the symptoms, causes, and treatments will help you keep your pet fish healthy.

Deciding to keep flowerhorn or louhan fish at home both in tank or aquarium does not mean that you only need to feed them regularly but also keep them healthy. Here are several louhan fish diseases with distinct symptoms, causes, and treatments. 

1. Hole in the head

Hole in the head is caused by parasites called Hexamita Protozoa. The visible symptoms are a white hole appearing on its head. The fish will also lose its weight while at the same time the fins clamp and seem lethargic. 

If those symptoms appear, start to change the water. Then, add Metrodinazole to the water at least one in three days. If the more effective treatment is needed, inject the fish if possible.  

2. White spot disease

Choosing foods for your louhan is essential. Giving them the wrong food may lead to the white spot disease, usually caused by a ciliated protozoan, Ichthyophithirius multifilis which can be found on the contaminated live or frozen food. The symptoms of this disease are white spots appearing on the fish’s body and louhan will be less active than usual. 

To treat this disease is by giving salt in an aquarium and raising the temperature of the water. Besides, putting Kordon Ich Inhibitor inside is required before cleaning the aquarium wholly.

3. Dropsy

Keeping the water clean will prevent louhan from bacteria infection and a couple of diseases, such as dropsy which attacks the digestion of the fish. The symptoms include less active behavior and bloated body. 

The best way to treat the fish is buying a proper drug at fish store as soon as possible. If necessary, place the louhan in a different aquarium with cleaner water. 

4. Mouth, body and tail fungus

When louhan fish seems to have small white spots all over the body, even its mouth, you need to take immediate action. It may be the symptom of fungus infection, caused by fungi such as Saprolegnia which thrive well in the water of poor quality.

In order to eliminate the fungi, you can use Jungle Lab Fungus Eliminator. Besides, add aquarium salt and clean the whole tank.

5. Fin and tail rot disease

The last common disease is fin and tail rot. It means that louhan starts to lose its ability to dive because of the dissolved fin and tail. One of the symptoms is the fish colors get dull.

To overcome this problem, adding Tetracycline in the water is required as well as moving the fish to another place while cleaning the whole tank properly. 

Those are several common louhan fish diseases caused by mostly bad quality of water where most bacteria grow. Therefore, the best way is, as always, prevention by keeping the water clean.




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