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How to Choose Good Quality Blue Gourami Fish

Whether it is for keeping or breeding, choosing a good Blue Gourami Fish is beneficial for you. Your tank will have fewer diseases, and the fish lives longer.

Gourami fish is a popular fish among ornamental fish enthusiasts. There are many species of ornamental gourami, such as dwarf, opaline, gold, etc. Another popular one to choose would be blue gourami or commonly known as three-spotted gourami. This species of gourami has a stunning cobalt blue color and can grow up to five inches.

Blue gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus) has three spots on its body: one at the beginning of the tail, second at the center of its body, and the third spot represented by its eye. Some say that blue gourami is relatively easy to keep, even for a new fish keeper. So, whether you are going to keep or breed them, choosing a good blue gourami fish is essential to learn.


Blue gourami is known to have a colorful blue cobalt body. This makes it interesting for keeping the fish. Please note that the fish's color may lighten or darken depending on an aquarium's water condition. Apart from that, blue gourami may also change its shade to attract females before spawning. However, you do not need to worry. Take a water test kit to know the water conditions from time to time, and replace the water if there are traces of nitrites and nitrates.

One sign to look for is if gourami's fins turned red. Do not choose them because they may be suffering from chemical poison. Other than that, you may want to look for any physical damage on its body. Be on the lookout for fungal or bacterial infections; it is easy to spot as bald spots and scales are falling out of their skin—making them less colorful.


When choosing a good blue gourami fish, it is recommended to choose an active one. Blue gouramis are known to be active in calm freshwaters. They are known to be surface dwellers. Therefore, if blue gourami is sitting at the bottom of a tank, it is most likely to be sick.

Even though they are surface dwellers, gourami with a bloated belly and stays near the surface is also a sick one. However, this case is normal for female gouramis when they are about to spawn. Remove the fish into a separated tank with the exact conditions as the main tank, and see how it goes before any treatment.

Male or Female?

This is an extra step if you are planning on breeding blue gouramis. Choosing a healthy male and female candidate is crucial for the success rate of their spawning. 

As explained above, choose a colorful and active candidate. The males have longer and pointed dorsal fin than the females. Meanwhile, females have slightly larger bodies than males. Knowing which one is male and female is crucial as there can only be one male in the main tank. A ratio every one male, there should be at least two or three females. 

In conclusion, choosing a good blue gourami fish is a must-learn for fish keepers. Choosing a healthy one at the market will make your tank less likely to be contaminated by diseases. Apart from that, it will also higher life expectancy of the fish!


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