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Know goldfish (Common carp) as freshwater fish.

Goldfish (Common carp) is a type of freshwater fish that is widely maintained and cultivated by fish farmers in fish ponds. Common carp is a type of fish that is easy to breed because this fish is easily spawned, so that many fish farmers cultivate Common carp to be used as pet fish in fish ponds or as consumption fish.

In addition, Common carp are also known to have a fast growth rate. During the maintenance period of 4 to 5 months, Common carp can reach a weight of 500 - 1,000 grams / fish.

Goldfish /Common carp (Cyprinus carpio, L.) is a freshwater fish species belonging to the family Cyprinidae, Order Cypriniformes, class Osteichthyes. Common carp has long been cultivated and is well known in the world. Among the types of freshwater fish, Common carp are the most popular fish in the community. Besides being known by the name Common carp, this fish is known as the Tombro fish.

In terms of marketing, Common carp have a high selling price compared to other freshwater fish. The price of Common carp can reach IDR 35,000 - IDR 40,000 per kg. This is a very promising business opportunity for the community.

The classification of Common carp is as follows:
1. Phylum: Chordata
2. Sub Phylum: Vertebrates
3. Class: Osteichthyes
4. Sub Class: Actinopterygii
5. Order: Cypriniformes
6. Sub Order: Cyprinoidea
7. Family: Cyprinidae
8. Genus: Cyprinus
9. Species: Cyprinus carpio Linn

Common carp body shape slightly elongated and flattened upright. The mouth of the Common carp is located in the middle of the tip of the head and can be protruded and in the mouth of the Common carp there are two pairs of barbels.

The body of Common carp is generally covered with scales, except for certain types of Common carp which only have a few scales. The types of scales found in Common carp are cycloid (circular) scales and are usually large in size. Common carp have elongated dorsal fins with hard-fingered hind fins and serrated third and fourth fins.

The dorsal fin is located opposite the pelvic fin, while the anal fin has features like the dorsal fin. The lateral line of a Common carp is mid-body transversely from the gill cover to the back of the base of the tail.

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