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Feeding on common carp rearing aquaculture

During maintenance in the fish pond, the common carp must be given additional food. This food is needed by fish for growth. A good supplementary feed for this type of fish is in the form of artificial feed (pellets).

Artificial feed given to fish must have sufficient protein content. The value of protein content in Common carp fish feed is at least 30%. In feeding activities, the amount of feed given is 3-5% of the total weight of the fish that are kept. Feeding was carried out three times a day, namely in the morning, afternoon and evening.

This additional feeding is done by spreading directly into the fish rearing pond. Feeding fish is not done at night, because this common carp is a freshwater fish species that is not active at night. In addition, fish feeding is not carried out at night because the temperature at night tends to be low (cold). This low temperature makes the appetite of common carp fish decrease.

In feeding fish, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of feed given. If the amount of fish feed given is excessive, the fish feed will not be eaten. This uneaten fish feed will rot and cause pollution in aquaculture ponds.

Fish feed that is not eaten by fish in addition to polluting pond water will also cause waste of feed use. This wastage of feed will lead to increased maintenance costs.

Fish kept in ponds can also find live food in the form of live worms. These live worms can be found in fish ponds with pond construction made of soil.

One of the successes in the cultivation of fish enlargement is determined by feeding activities. If the use of the given fish feed can make the growth rate of fish fast with the amount of feed given in sufficient quantity, then the benefits of cultivating fish can also be achieved.

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