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Several Types of Feed for Golden Otocinclus Fish

If you wondering about the best golden otocinclus fish feed, here are four herbivore diets recommendation you can give to your tiny friends and what kinds of algae to avoid.

Golden otocinclus is known for being an active and characterful little sucker-mouth fish. These buddies, which is commonly known as otos, oto catfish, oto cats, dwarf suckermouths, dwarf Oto, and dwarf suckers, are also known as the best algae eaters. Maintaining them in aquariums is quite tricky. 

Once you know how to create a suitable tank set-up and give a perfect diet, your golden otocinclus can have a long healthy life. However, with the wrong treatment, your tiny companies will die shortly after being added to the tank. Here, we will give some golden otocinclus fish feed recommendations for you.

Algae Wafers

Golden otocinclus are herbivores. Therefore, it is kind of limited to what golden otocinclus fish feed you can give. In the natural habitat, they are algae eaters. Hence, giving them algae wafers is very much recommended. Algae wafers are fish diets made out of algae and are very nutritious. You can easily buy this kind of fish food at a local pet shop or aquarium shop. Most algae wafers package also contains vitamin C, which is very useful to reduce stress and build better immunity. 

Brown algae (Diatom)

Even patches of diatoms may give a less attractive look to your aquarium; hobbyists report that golden otocinclus eat brown algae or diatom. You don’t have to worry this diatom may harm your fish as long as you keep them under control. If the diatoms start making your tank so much not appealing, conduct water changes and increase filtration. Besides otocinclus catfish, other species that consume brown algae are amano shrimps and nerite snails. 

Green Dust Algae

Another kind of algae you can add to the diet is green dust algae. These algae are harmless to fish and a delicious choice for your otos. Green dust algae are nutritious and grow quickly in the aquarium. Even if your golden otocinclus love these, make sure these algae won’t take over and corrupt your tanks’ appearances.

Brussel Sprouts

Because these species are herbivores, you can supplement brussel sprouts to golden otocinclus fish feed. Brussel sprouts sink in the bottom of your tank, and you can leave them overnight. Besides Brussel sprouts, you can give your otos other vegetables such as romaine lettuce, cucumber, spinach, and zucchini. However, if these vegetables still remain in your aquarium for three days, you should remove them to avoid ammonia surges.

Diets to Avoid

Although otocinclus is known as an algae eater, never try to feed them with hair algae. Hair algae can trap and kill your tiny buddies. In addition, this kind of algae gives a real headache to most hobbyists because it can grow big dreadful globs on the surface of your tank. Other algae you should never give to your otos are red or black beard algae and staghorn algae. Even though golden otocinclus are starving, they won’t eat red or black beard algae and staghorn algae.

Golden otocinclus are small in size and peaceful species. Therefore, they are easily out-competed when it comes to food hunts. However, they are great algae eaters, so algae are the best golden otocinclus fish feed choices. You will be amazed by the algae control these little species can offer. 

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