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Super Red Arowana Fish

Super Red Arowana Fish is a type of freshwater fish that lives in public waters such as rivers. This Arowana fish has beauty in terms of color and shape.

Super Red Arowana Fish is one type of fish from several types of Arowana fish in the world. This fish has an attractive red color and is a type of Arowana fish that is much favored and sought after by fish hobbyists.

From the beauty of the color and shape, super red arowana fish is a type of fish that has a relatively stable price and from several types of freshwater ornamental fish, super red arowana fish is a type of ornamental fish that has an expensive price.

Super red Arowana fish is a type of native fish originating from Southeast Asia, namely in Kalimantan, Indonesia. This fish lives in rivers in Kalimantan.

Arowana fish are mostly kept by ornamental fish hobbyists in aquariums placed at home. Super Red Arowana fish that are kept in an aquarium at home can give beauty to the house.

The size of Arowana fish that are kept in an aquarium can start with a small size of 10-15 cm or you can also keep Super Red Arowana fish with a large size.

If we don't have enough money, it's better if we keep small Super Red Arowana fish but keeping small Arowana fish must be done carefully because these small fish are still susceptible to disease and susceptible to changes in water quality.

If we have enough money and so that the Arowana fish that are kept in the aquarium can live healthy, we should keep a large Super Red Arowana.

In maintaining Super Red Arowana fish in an aquarium, there are several things that need to be considered such as the quality of the aquarium water, the maintenance container, the type of feed given to Arowana fish and fish diseases.

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