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Types of Good Feed for Tropheus Duboisi

There are several feeds for Tropheus duboisi to keep your fish healthy and active. The best diets are frozen cyclops, veggie flakes, canned green beans, and frozen daphnia.

Tropheus duboisi is very popular among aquarium lovers despite their aggressive behavior towards their kind. This species originally comes from the rocky coastal waters of Northern Lake Tanganyika in Africa. In the wild, Tropheus duboisi, also known as Duboisi Cichlids, doesn’t live in a big community because they are rather singly or in a small group of 5 to 6 fish. 

Adult Tropheus duboisi has stunning blue and blackbody color with a yellow vertical belt under their dorsal fin. This tiny buddy doesn’t territory one specific area but moves from one place to another. It is because they have to move to look for rocks or stones with thick algae mats. To learn more about feed for Tropheus duboisi, here is the information for you.

Frozen Cyclops

This high protein feed for Tropheus duboisi is made from cyclops, water, and guar gum. Besides providing high-level protein and very nutritious, frozen cyclops also contain lipids.

Cyclops is a well-known diet for herbivore fish and invertebrates such as jellyfish and clams. Your Tropheus duboisi will love this diet. Cyclops can maintain the health and strength of your fish, support color, and encourage ideal growth.

Veggie Flake

The second food recommendation is a veggie flake. This diet is specifically made for herbivorous fish and made from vegetables and plants. Veggie flakes mostly contain spirulina algae. Some flakes are also formulated with kelp, zucchini, spinach, wheat, and carrot. 

Because the color pattern is what makes Tropheus duboisi charming, veggie flakes can enhance the natural color of your fish. In addition, this diet is also good for the health of your little friends.

Canned Green Beans

Giving your Tropheus duboisi canned green beans is also good. When giving green beans to your fish, cook or boil them until it becomes soft or tender. When putting the green beans into the aquarium, split them into tiny pieces first.

Besides green beans, you can also do the same with broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, etc. These diets are quite affordable and good sources of protein.

Frozen Daphnia

The next feed for Tropheus duboisi is frozen daphnia. It would be best to prefer the frozen type instead of living daphnia because it may contain parasites or bacteria that will harm your fish. You don’t have to worry that this food will cloud the water tank. Frozen daphnia is rich in vitamins that can lessen the stress level of Tropheus duboisi.

Besides avoiding giving these tiny fish living daphnia, never provide them with tubifex worms or any other types of worms and mosquito larvae to this species. An easily digestible diet is not recommended as well.

Maintaining Tropheus duboisi is pretty challenging. This species loves to be by itself and tends to be aggressive to its kind. Arranging perfect tank set-up is important. But most importantly, giving the best feed for Tropheus duboisi will make your little buddy healthy and agile. 

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