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Types of Good Feed for Pearl Cichlid Fish

Get confused about what kind of food you want to give to pearl cichlid fish? Find out the list of the good feed for pear cichlid fish.

Well-known for the high-commercial value for the aquarium fish, the pearl cichlid fish are easy to care for. One of the ways to care for pearl cichlids is by feeding them good diets. By offering them good food, the color of the pearl cichlid's body will show off. This article will explain the types of good feed for pearl cichlid fish. Find out the list below.


Being omnivorous fish, the pearl cichlids will eat most aquarium foods given. Yet, one of the recommended feeds you can give is flakes. Flakes offer good nutrients for the fish. Therefore, flakes become one of the staple foods for the pearl cichlid fish. 

Flakes contain high-quality nutrients needed for the growth of the fish. The fish accept carnivore and herbivore flakes. So, you can give the fish the mix of carnivore and herbivore flakes. Your pearl cichlids will enjoy them.

Sinking Pellets

Another type of good feed for pearl cichlid fish is sinking pellets. This type of diet is suitable for the fish's daily diet. Sinking pellets contain good nutrients and high-quality natural proteins. Those nutrients will help improve the growth of the pearl cichlids and make the pearl cichlids grow faster. 

The interesting part about sinking pellets is they will sink to the bottom of the aquarium when they are uneaten. Feed them two or three times daily. Try to avoid overfeeding the fish. Remove the uneaten pellets after feeding time. The purpose is to keep the water clean.


The pearl cichlid fish are not picky eaters. No wonder these freshwater fish have become popular in the aquarium fish trade. When the fish are in the wild, they can eat varied diets, including algae and insects. If you are looking for the variation in the pearl cichlid diets, you can add insects, like crickets, June bugs, grasshoppers, crane flies, moths, flies, or spiders. 

Live Foods

Combining the feed for pearl cichlid fish is essential for the health and coloration of the fish body. Therefore, you can feed the fish with some live foods. Some live foods contain high-percentage protein as well as other nutritional components. Because of those nutritional contents, live foods will be more beneficial for the pearl cichlid fish's growth. 

Newly hatched brine shrimp and microworms are also good for the young fry. These live foods will make the fry mature faster. Besides brine shrimp and microworms, consider feeding the pearl cichlid fish with water fleas, bloodworms, earthworms, banana worms, daphnia, or feeder fish.

Frozen Foods

You can rely on frozen foods for your pearl cichlids when it comes to the variation. They are easy to find and are the perfect feed for pearl cichlid fish. Furthermore, you can find many types of frozen foods, such as prawns, shrimp, plankton, krill, mussels, or bloodworms. You can also get some freeze-dried tubifex worms, Mysis shrimp, or frozen spirulina cubes in the pet stores. 

In conclusion, there are many types of good feed for pearl cichlid fish. You can choose the flakes and pellets to be the fish's daily diet. Yet, it is essential to add other diets to vary the food.


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