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How to Keep Hypancistrus Inspector Fish in a Water Tank

Meta Description: To Maintain Hypancistrus Inspector Fish In A Water Tank, You Should Do These Methods. What Are They?

Hypancistrus inspector fish is one of the most beautiful in South America, so the fish is interesting to keep in the aquarium. The question is, how to maintain the hypancistrus inspector fish in a water tank?

If you decide to keep the gorgeous fish, do these methods to keep them healthy!

Watch Their Diet

Hypancistrus inspector fish needs food to eat to keep on living. As the one who decides to have the fish as a pet, you should consider their nutrition and diet, so they will grow and be healthy.

The good news is the beautiful fish are omnivorous, so they won’t be a picky eater. Although, they seem leaner to carnivores than herbivorous. It prefers aquatic invertebrates and small animals like shrimps as its meal, but they also like vegetables such as cucumber, spinach, algae, and pellet.

If you have another animal to put on the tank, make sure they won’t try to eat each other.

Supervise Many Aspects of The Water Tank

The key to maintain the hypancistrus inspector fish in a water tank is to provide the ideal condition. Below are the aspects that you should supervise when you want to keep the beautiful catfishes.

a. Temperature

Since its natural habitat is the amazon river, you can maintain a similar temperature with it. For your information, the gorgeous catfishes live in perfect condition on 72 to 86oF (22 to 30oC).

b. Water Changing Period and Portion

It’s an obligation to change the water in the aquarium regularly to keep its habitat clean and healthy. The portion of a water change should be 20-30% of water, and it should be done per two weeks.

If you have filters, this job could be done easier and can reduce the frequency of water supervision.

c. Acidity

The pH rate required for the water tank to keep hypancistrus inspector fish in a water tank is 5 to 7.5. The catfishes can withstand a more neutral pH, but it is advised to have the water’s pH between that value (5 to 7.5).

d. Ammonia Rate

Ammonia is one of the substances that shouldn’t exist in the water that will be used to fill the water tank. Why? Because the substance is toxic to many fishes, including hypancistrus inspector fish.

You should supervise the water regularly with a water test kit to watch out for contamination in the water.

e. Habitat Resemblance/Similarity

Every animal has their natural habitat, so if you are going to have catfishes as a pet, you should do your duty to make a living space that is similar to their natural habitat. The resemblance is not only temperature but the properties of their habitat, such as cave and root that is usually used by hypancistrus inspector fish.

In addition, you can add some strong current since their natural habitat is the river, but it is not mandatory. The bigger the similarity, the larger the chance for the fish to breed.

To Maintain The Hypacistrus Inspector Fish in a Water Tank Needs an Effort

The effort to maintain the hypacistrus inspector fish in a water tank is a real deal but worth it. So, don’t do it alone and seek help, especially from the fish expert, okay? Good luck!


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