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Guidelines On How Keep Black Skirt Tetra Fish In The Aquarium

Keeping black skirt tetra fish in the aquarium is quite easy yet still requires some standardization. Take a look at some of the most basic ones here. 

Training yourself in keeping fish or just about to start a new hobby in petting fish? Keeping black skirt tetra fish in the aquarium may be your perfect get-go at the beginning of your journey. 

They won’t cost you painful work, but there is some work of caring for them to train your skills as an aquarist or hobbyist. First and foremost, start by knowing which kind of environment will make them live a happy and healthy life beside you. 

Let’s begin! 

Fundamentals Things In Petting Black Skirt Tetra Fish 

Petting black skirt tetra fish is easy, it is already agreed upon among aquarists and hobbyists. Still, there are some standards you need to implement, especially concerning the tank. 

The basic thing to keep in mind is that blackamoor is naturally schooling fish, so they love to be with their gank. 

Although they are not demanding in pretty much anything and are quite adaptable to environmental variations, they can catch stress easily when facing instant alteration. 

They are energetic swimmers and avid explorers. However, they can be timid and need a moment to hide when they feel shy or intimidated. Here are five vital elements you need to take care of while petting blackamoor in the aquarium.

Tank Arrangement

Imitating their natural habitat at its best is still the key to keeping them comfortable enough. This means having a tank that is spacious enough is highly recommended. 

The minimum size suggested is a 15-gallon tank for a small group of five or six. A 20-gallon tank with a wider form is better. 

To the tank, arrange the water parameter with a warm temperature around 70° to 85° F, acidity level range of 6.0 - 7.5pH, and water hardness of 4 to 8 dKH. 

Maintain this condition on the medium of the range suggested to replicate the original habitat as closely as possible. 

Keep Black Skirt Tetra Fish In The Aquarium  With An Effortless Aquascape

In their original habitat, blackamoor stays in the middle and on shady water surfaces. Fallen leaves usually cover the bottom of the water area which makes the lighting more deeming than the vibrant one. 

You can copy and implement this kind of setting by putting actual dry leaves, but this needs regular care since once they are rooting, it may affect the water condition and health of the ecosystem in the aquarium. 

Replacing them with dark-colored substrates like sand or gravel will do the magic. 

They nimbly munch on hard-chew large plants and make these plants place for exploration and hiding when necessary. To this standard, put scattered live large and tall plants in the perimeter, corner, and background of the aquarium tank.  

Adding a cave system and driftwood could make the environment more interesting for their exploration. 

Choosing Tank Mate

As schooling fish, they are popular as middle aggressive tempered. With their tiny appearance, they may show aggression when facing fish with long fins, like angelfish or betta fish. 

Otherwise, keep the black skirt tetra fish comfortable in the aquarium by settling the fitting mate such as Dwarf and Honey Gouramis, Cardinal and Neon Tetras, Harlequin and Chili Rasboras, Cory Catfish, Bolivian Rams, Celestial Pearl Danio.

Last but not least, be aware of the nitrogen cycle that purifies the water in the aquarium from internal toxins. Stable and healthy water conditions are the key to preventing stress and diseases. This will help keep black skirt tetra fish in the aquarium in an optimized lifespan. 


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