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Types of Feed for Glofish

Feed Glofish with commercial fish foods like floating pellets, frozen foods, flakes, and algae tablets. They also appreciate living foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimps.

How to feed glofish is a pretty easy task. This popular ornamental fish is genetically modified by scientists in Singapore in order to identify water pollutants. But now, glofish is widely known as alluring aquarium habitat. What makes them so admirable is their vivid, dazzling color.

There are six colors of this stunning little creature. They are Cosmic Blue, Starfire Red, Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, Galactic Purple, and Moonrise Pink. They own bioluminescence features which make them able to absorb light and glow. So, what do glofish eat? 

What Should I Feed My Glofish?

Glofish are not picky eaters. Because of this, glofish is great for beginners. As long as you feed glofish with a variety of food and nutrition, they will live. Glofish is omnivorous. You can give them floating pellets, frozen foods, flakes, and algae tablets.

Glofish will also appreciate live foods once in a while. Some living foods suitable for glofish are bloodworms, brine shrimps, daphnia, tubifex worms, and Mysis shrimps. 

Do Glofish Need Certain Food?

Beginners might wonder whether special food will give more glows to their glofish. While certain foods can enhance the colors of some fish species, it doesn’t apply the same for glofish. As mentioned above, glofish inherit fluorescent protein genes. 

This characteristic makes them able to gleam, especially when the environment gets darker—the same characteristics owned by fireflies, jellyfish, anglerfish, and sea stars. This coloration trait is hereditary.

Can I Regularly Feed Glofish With Flake Fish Foods?

Glofish can eat flake fish foods frequently, just like tropical fish. How much flake you should give depends on how many school fish are in the tank. For example, Tiger barbs will likely consume more flakes as they are fast-moving and great swimmers.

Combine the flakes with other foods to maintain their appetite. The most important thing is never to overfeed them. When you overfeed your glofish, you might need water change more often. Glofish produces waste which can corrupt the water quality. Therefore, keeping them in a large tank is a great choice. 

How Often Should I Feed Glofish?

Glofish are no different from other ornamental fish. Try giving your glofish flakes three times a day and pellets three times a week. As for the living foods, such as bloodworms and brine shrimps, add these to your glofish diet once or twice a week. 

Ideally, glofish should be provided with food twice a day in small portions. Glofish usually eat up their food within minutes. Make sure they finish the entire meal before adding more diet to the tank.  

Can My Glofish Go a Day Without Food?

Glofish are evidently can go without food for one up to two weeks. But, it doesn’t mean you can skip their meal this long. Even though they may survive, your glofish can be malnourished. Besides, you will definitely starve them.

It is okay if you don’t feed your glofish for one or two days. In fact, omitting their meal time one day a week is recommended. You’ll know they’re hungry when they dig around the substrate and show sluggish behavior.

We hope you find this article about what to feed glofish useful. The most important thing is giving your glofish moderate quantities of food and various nutritional diets.

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