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Information you need to know when starting and keeping Hypselecara temporalis fish in an aquarium

Hypselecara temporalis fish, also known as Emerald cichlid fish, is a type of fish that belongs to the Cichlidae family. Cichlidae fish are included in a type of freshwater fish that has general characteristics, namely:  

1. The body of Cichlidae fish is covered by scales and slimy.
2. Fish breathe with gills.
3. Cichlidae fish are a type of cold-blooded animal (poikilotherm).
4. Have air bubbles that function to regulate balance when fish swim in water.
5. This Cichlidae fish has clear body parts between the head, body and tail.
6. Cichlidae fish have unique egg and chicks care behavior, which is the fish when finished spawning will protect the eggs and watch until they hatch, then the seeds of these fish will be put into the mouth to protect from predators.

Hypselecara temporalis fish (Emerald cichlid fish)

Classification of Hypselecara temporalis fish 
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Actinopterygii
Order : Cichliformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Hypselecara
Species : H. Temporalis

Hypselecara temporalis lives in slow-flowing rivers in South America. This fish is characterized by dorsal and anal fins extending to the tip of the tail. Males are larger and have a bulge on top of the head. 

Hypselecara temporalis fish have the beauty of their color and body shape so that many fish hobbyists keep these fish in aquariums as ornamental fish. Before we keep Hypselecara temporalis fish in the aquarium, it's good to know in advance what needs to be prepared. 

Preparation for keeping Hypselecara temporalis fish in the aquarium consists of : 

1. Maintenance media

Fish maintenance media can use an aquarium. If the aquarium is separate from the table then of course we have to prepare the aquarium along with the aquarium table. But there are also aquariums that are sold together with a table or together with a place to store aquariums. 

The aquarium can be stored in the living room, family room or in the dining room. Aquarium storage is not too far from the power source because some aquarium equipment such as aerators and lights require a power source to turn on the equipment. 

Aquariums used to keep Hypselecara temporalis fish can be rectangular. The size of the aquarium is adjusted to the amount of water needed to keep Hypselecara temporalis fish. The amount of water needed to keep Hypselecara temporalis fish is 250 liters.

2. Aquarium equipment

In addition to the aquarium as a medium for raising Hypselecara temporalis fish, aquarium equipment also needs to be prepared. Here are some aquarium equipment that needs to be prepared in raising fish, namely: 

a. Aerator.
Aerators function to increase dissolved oxygen in water.

b. Water filter.
The water filter serves to maintain the quality of aquarium water to remain optimal. 

c. Aquarium lamp.
Aquarium lights function to provide lighting in the aquarium and to accentuate the colors of the fish. 

d. Aquarium water warmer.
Water warmers that function to keep the water temperature stable according to the needs of the fish.

3. Fish selection.

Hypselecara temporalis fish that will be kept must be in good condition so that the fish can look beautiful to look at. Here are some characteristics of good Hypselecara temporalis fish, namely: 

a. Hypselecara temporalis fish have bright red gills which indicate that the fish are in good health.
b. Fish have clean and clear eyes.
c. The color of the fish scales is clean and shiny. 
d. Fish have fins that are intact, not damaged and not torn. 
e. Fish have agile movements and actively swim.
f. Fish respond to the feed given.

Hypselecara temporalis fish (Emerald cichlid fish)

4. Water.

The water that will be used to keep Hypselecara temporalis fish must use good quality water. The water used can be well water or tap water. Fish that will be kept should not be put directly into the water, let the water in the aquarium for about 2-5 days after which the fish are put into the aquarium water.     

After the preparation activities are carried out, then enter into maintenance activities. This maintenance activity consists of feeding activities, controlling water quality and cleaning the aquarium. 

1. Feeding. 

Hypselecara temporalis fish are omnivorous fish that will accept various types of aquarium feed offered. Hypselecara temporalis fish can be given artificial feed in the form of pellets sold in ornamental fish shops. In addition, these fish also like live food such as live worms, small fish and crickets.

2. Controlling water quality.

Water quality control activities are carried out to maintain water quality in optimal conditions. This water quality control is carried out to control the pH value of water, the hardness value of water and temperature. 

a. Water pH.
The pH of aquarium water can be measured using a pH meter or measured using litmus paper. The   pH value of aquarium water that is good for keeping Hypselecara temporalis fish is 7. 

b. Water Hardness Level.
The tool for measuring the level of water hardness is the Water Hardness Tester. The value of the water hardness level for keeping Hypselecara temporalis fish is 10.

c. Water temperature.
While the tool to measure water temperature is a thermometer. The value of good aquarium water temperature for keeping Hypselecara temporalis fish is 26 degrees Celsius.

3. Cleaning the aquarium. 
During the maintenance of Hypselecara temporalis fish in the aquarium, of course, water conditions will not always be good. Aquarium water will decrease in quality so to keep the water quality good it is necessary to drain and clean. Aquarium water draining activities must be carried out carefully. Here are some steps in draining the aquarium: 

cleaning aquarium glass

a. Before draining, 2 - 5 days before the water has been prepared in a container that has been aerated. To keep the fish healthy you can add a little coarse salt to the water.
b. Clean the remnants of feed and fish waste using a filter or water vacuum. 
c. Then clean the aquarium glass from dirt and moss. The material used to clean dirt and moss can use tissue or glass cleaner from a fine material. 
d. Reduce the amount of aquarium water by about one-third of the total water. 
e. Add clean, previously prepared water to the aquarium. 

Hypselecara temporalis fish reproduce by laying eggs. These fish can grow up to 30 cm in length.

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