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Fish seed selection management in tilapia enlargement culture in ponds

Fish seed selection management is the process of selecting quality fish seeds that meet the standards. Tilapia seed selection is an important activity in tilapia farming. Tilapia seed selection management is one of the activities in tilapia rearing aquaculture, which is carried out after pond preparation activities. 

In every fish enlargement cultivation business, be it for other types of fish besides tilapia, the main goal is to produce increased fish production with fast, healthy fish growth rates and have a small seed mortality rate. 

tilapia fish seeds 

The growth rate of seeds that are fast, healthy and have a small mortality rate is influenced by the fish seeds that are spread in the pond.  The characteristics of good tilapia seeds are:

1. Have good physical quality. 

Tilapia seeds that are good for spreading into ponds are tilapia seeds that have a symmetrical body shape, brightly colored and on the body there are no wounds or defects in the fish body. In addition, the size of good tilapia seeds should be uniform so that later the seeds can grow uniformly as well. Tilapia seeds that are stocked have a uniformity rate of 90%.

2. Active and energized fish fry. 

Good tilapia seeds must also be active and energetic. In choosing tilapia seeds, pay attention to seeds that are actively moving, not lethargic, and have a good appetite. Tilapia fry that are active and energetic tend to be healthier and have a higher survival rate.

3. Fish fry are not infected with disease.

Healthy tilapia fry have clean skin, no white spots or other signs of disease. It's best to choose tilapia fry that come from trusted breeders and use good farming techniques to reduce the risk of disease transmission in tilapia fry.

tilapia fish embryos 

4. Clear ancestry. 

Good quality tilapia seeds are those that come from clear parents and offspring. 

Tilapia seeds can be obtained from community fish hatcheries or from government fish seed centers. Tilapia seeds that are stocked need to be accompanied by a certificate of origin.

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