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Some advantages of fish farming with the Biofloc system

Fish farming with the biofloc system is currently in great demand by fish farmers in Indonesia because fish farming with the biofloc system has several advantages when compared to traditional fish farming. These advantages can be explained in the article below, which include: 

1. Controls toxic compounds.

Fish farming with this bioflock system can provide the advantage of controlling toxic compounds. Bacteria that are heterotrophic and live in aerobic conditions can control and eliminate toxic ammonia levels in the cultivation media into cell proteins. 

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Other compounds are oxidized by nitrifying bacteria into nitrite by Nitrosomonas bacteria. Then this nitrite is converted into nitrate by Nitrobacter bacteria. With this decomposition process, the water quality in the biofloc system cultivation media will be more stable and optimal. This good water quality will provide benefits because it can reduce the stress level of the fish being raised and the water in the fish farming media does not cause odor. 

2. Is an additional feed for the fish being raised. 

Biofloc which is a collection of various microorganisms has a lot of nutritional content, especially protein. This protein is sufficient to increase the growth of cultured fish and can then increase productivity and produce better feed conversion up to 30%. The protein content produced is quite high. The protein content of the floc composition formed in catfish farming is around 24-25%. 

3. Able to break down Organic materials. 

With biofloc system fish farming, floc-forming bacteria can break down organic materials into inorganic mineral materials needed by phytoplankton and zooplankton. Plankton in this fish farming media is also beneficial for fish as natural food. 

4. Suppressing pathogenic organisms.

Fish farming with this bioflock system can suppress pathogenic organisms. Biofloc bacteria that are eaten by fish and found in the digestive tract of fish can suppress the development of pathogenic bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria can be suppressed because biofloc bacteria produce biopolymers, some of which are polyhydroxy alkanoate (PHA) compounds that will be broken down by digestive enzymes to form alkanoic acid. The resulting compound will suppress gram-negative bacteria or pathogenic bacteria in the gut. 

5. Produce healthier fishery products.

Fish from biofloc system aquaculture production is safer to consume and the meat is chewier and odorless. 

Those are the five benefits that we can get if we cultivate fish with the biofloc system. Thank you for visiting.

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