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Aquaculture infrastructure that supports increased fish production

For fish farmers, especially consumption fish farmers, increasing fish production is a desirable goal. One of the things that can help increase aquaculture production is that it must be supported by good facilities and infrastructure that support the development of aquaculture. 

Aquaculture facilities and infrastructure include various facilities and equipment needed to support fish farming. Some examples of these facilities include:

1. Aquaculture Ponds. 

Ponds used for fish rearing must be well designed to meet the needs and suit the habitat of the fish being reared. Fish farming ponds must be able to hold sufficient water volume and have water available throughout the year. The fish farming pond should also have ideal environmental conditions for fish growth.

Aquaculture Ponds (

2. Fish Seeds. 

The selection of fish seeds to be reared must be of good quality because these good quality seeds will produce good fish production. Make sure the selected fish seeds are clean, healthy, swim swiftly and are not affected by disease.

Fish Seeds (

3. Fish Feed.

Fish feed is the most important part in increasing fish production because the availability of the right quality and right amount of fish feed will support the success of the fish farming business. The quality of fish feed such as good nutritional content must also be considered because this is needed for fish so that the fish that are kept grow optimally. The amount of feed given must also be precisely calculated according to the needs of each type of fish. Feeding should not be less or more. If the amount of fish feed given is less, the growth of the fish will be inhibited and if the feed given is excessive, it is feared that the feed is not all eaten by the fish because if the feed given is not eaten, this will cause a decrease in the quality of the pond water. 

Fish Feed (

4. Water Source.

The water source used for aquaculture must be clean and clear. This water source can come from the river, irrigation irrigation or can come from wells made around the cultivation area. The point is that the water source used must be clean and not contain compounds that can be harmful to the fish being kept. 

In addition, infrastructure is also something that plays an important role in fish farming activities. This includes the activities involved in production, starting from seed preparation, selection of cultivation sites, selection of fish species to be reared, fish rearing techniques, water fertility management, to feeding. All of these things must be done with careful planning and attention so that the production process runs well and the resulting harvest is optimal.

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