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Difference between Barbonymus gonionotus and Cyprinus carpio

Freshwater fish are fish that live and grow in freshwater environments, such as in rivers, lakes, and fish farming ponds. These fish do not experience changes in salinity because freshwater fish are not in the sea. Some examples of freshwater fish include Cyprinus carpio, catfish, tilapia, gourami, and Barbonymus gonionotus. These types of fish have a variety of shapes, sizes, and food habits depending on the species.

In the article below, the author will explain some of the differences between Barbonymus gonionotus and Cyprinus carpio. Cyprinus carpio and Barbonymus gonionotus are two types of freshwater fish that have different characteristics. These differences can be explained in the description below: 

1. Barbonymus gonionotus fish:

a. Distribution. 

Naturally, Barbonymus gonionotus fish spread widely in Indochina and the Sunda islands. In Indonesia, this fish has been cultivated in ponds since the 19th century and spread to other islands in Indonesia and Asia including Sulawesi, the Philippines, and India.

Barbonymus gonionotus fish (shutterstock.com)

b. Physique.

Barbonymus gonionotus has larger scales than those of Cyprinus carpio. Then from the shape of the body, Barbonymus gonionotus fish is slimmer when compared to the body shape of Cyprinus carpio fish. 

c. Food. 

Barbonymus gonionotus fish are herbivores, these fish eat plants such as Hydrilla, various aquatic plants, and leaves that fall into the river or fish pond. However, Barbonymus gonionotus fish also prey on invertebrates.

d. Size. 

The body length of Barbonymus gonionotus fish can reach up to 45 cm.

2. Cyprinus carpio.

a. Distribution. 

Cyprinus carpio is a fish species that is widely distributed in various regions and has become a popular farmed fish throughout the world.

Cyprinus carpio fish (shutterstock.com)

b. Physique.

Cyprinus carpio fish has a rounder body when compared to Barbonymus gonionotus fish. Then this Cyprinus carpio fish has smaller scales than Barbonymus gonionotus.

c. Food. 

Cyprinus carpio fish is an omnivorous fish species. Cyprinus carpio fish eat various types of food including plankton, algae, insects, and detritus.

d. Size.

Cyprinus carpio fish vary in size, but are usually larger than Barbonymus gonionotus.

These are some of the differences between Barbonymus gonionotus and Cyprinus carpio. Hopefully it can add knowledge and information for readers. Thank you.

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