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Keeping Geophagus Brasiliensis fish in an aquarium

The Geophagus Brasiliensis fish is a fish native to South America. It is found in the countries of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. This fish is a type of freshwater fish that lives in rivers and lakes.

In nature Geophagus Brasiliensis fish reproduce by laying eggs. This fish lives in waters with moderate levels of lighting. Geophagus Brasiliensis fish has a beautiful shape and color so that many ornamental fish hobbyists keep this fish in the aquarium. 

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When we are going to keep Geophagus Brasiliensis fish in the aquarium there are several things that need to be considered. There are four things that we need to pay attention to, namely: 

1. The place where the fish is kept.

To keep Geophagus Brasiliensis fish, an aquarium made of glass can be chosen. The aquarium can be round or rectangular. The amount of water needed to keep Geophagus Brasiliensis fish is 125 liters. 

Rocks and aquatic plants can also be installed in the rearing container. These rocks and water plants are installed not only to beautify the aquarium but also to create a natural atmosphere in the aquarium. 

Aeration and water filters can also be installed in the aquarium. Both of these devices are installed with the aim of maintaining optimal water quality and to increase the oxygen content in the water. Oxygen is needed by fish for breathing and metabolism. 

In addition to rocks, aquatic plants, aeration and water filters you can also install aquarium lights. This aquarium lamp serves to illuminate the aquarium environment so that the fish being kept can look beautiful. 

2. Water quality.

Water quality is an important thing to note because if the quality of aquarium water decreases it will affect the survival of the fish being kept. Some water quality parameters that need to be considered include pH, water hardness and water temperature. The pH value of water for keeping Geophagus Brasiliensis fish is 7.3. The water hardness value is 11 and the aquarium water temperature value is 26 degrees Celsius. 

3. Fish feed.

In order for the fish kept to grow and develop properly, the fish need to be fed. The type of feed given to Geophagus Brasiliensis fish is artificial feed. Artificial feed given to Geophagus Brasiliensis fish is in the form of pellets. These pellets can be easily obtained at ornamental fish shops around your home. 

4. Maintenance.

To keep the cleanliness and quality of the aquarium water good, we need to change the aquarium water regularly. This aquarium can be cleaned by replacing some of the aquarium water with new water. 

Geophagus Brasiliensis fish can grow up to 18 cm in length. This fish is a docile type of fish and can be easily maintained by ornamental fish hobbyists. Geophagus Brasiliensis fish have a habit of swimming at the bottom of the aquarium, in the center of the aquarium and above the aquarium near the surface of the water. 

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