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Tilapia aquaculture development

The development of fish farming, especially freshwater fish farming, has changed from traditional fish farming to intensive fish farming using technology. 

As time goes by and the market demand for fish increases, it is necessary to make some changes to the fish farming system. One example of intensive fish farming using technology is fish farming with a tarpaulin pond system, fish farming with a waterwheel system and fish farming with a recirculation system. 

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Tilapia is a type of freshwater fish that is commonly cultivated by fish farmers. Tilapia fish is widely favored by the public because this type of fish has soft meat and good taste. To fulfill the need for nutrition, especially animal protein, Tilapia fish can be used as a good food for consumption. 

Returning to the development of fish farming, the technologies mentioned above have the main objective of increasing fish production. For example, for fish farming in tarpaulin ponds, the principle of fish farming in tarpaulin ponds is to raise fish with high density by utilizing the cultivation media to be optimally utilized. This high fish density will result in high fish production as well. Then fish farming with a wheel and recirculation system also aims to increase the productivity of the fish being raised. 

The development of tilapia aquaculture in addition to using the application of technology can also be developed by determining an aquaculture area where the area is an area in which there are cultivation activities. In addition, in the area, a program of activities can be carried out starting from upstream to downstream activities, namely starting from farming activities to marketing activities of production results. 

The development of tilapia aquaculture in addition to those mentioned above can be done by developing the type of tilapia itself, namely by improving the quality of fish by developing other varieties that have advantages such as tilapia has a fast growth rate and fish has a high resistance to disease. 

To achieve the goals in supporting the development of fish farming is not enough to be run by some people or certain parties alone, there needs to be a role from the community and the government in supporting the fish farming development program. 

In the journey there may be or will encounter several obstacles, but we need to address these obstacles wisely and improve them together. 

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