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How to Maintain Cichlids in the Aquarium

Meta description: Maintaining the condition of your fish is very important. Find out how to maintain cichlids in the aquarium to prevent them from getting diseases.

Maintaining the aquarium or fish tank is necessary. You should know what you have to do to maintain your fish tank. Here is some information about how to maintain cichlids in the aquarium.

Aquarium Decorations
Just like any other aquarium, there should be rocks and caves, like in their natural habitat. Make sure you decorate the aquarium exactly or similarly like their natural habitat. Cichlids like to live and dig under a rock. They may eat and ruin the plants around the rocks as well. Therefore, it is not a good idea to grow plants inside the aquarium.

Make sure you keep the water temperatures around 24 to 27 °C (75 to 80 °F). You do not need lighting for the aquarium. The number of pHs that is recommended is 8.5. You also need to change the water frequently to maintain the environment for the fish.

Every 14 days or so, the aquarium has to be cleaned using proper equipment. You should also check the condition of the chlorine. If the amount of chlorine is too high, you may use a neutralizer to reduce it. One thing that you can not forget is the new water that you are going to add to the aquarium has to have the same temperature as it is in the aquarium.
You do not have to change the filter every time you clean the aquarium. That can ruin the important bacteria for the fish.

Equipment for Cleaning:
·         gravel vacuum
·         two big-sized buckets (one for the new clean water, the other one for the decorations)
·         towels (for wiping)
·         a hard toothbrush for scrubbing the rocks
·         chlorine neutralizer (if your water is chlorinated)
·         bacteria product to maintain the symbiosis (you can get them at a pet shop)

Keep in mind that, maintaining the condition of the aquarium can increase your fish’s health and prevent diseases. So, that’s how to maintain cichlids in the aquarium properly.

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