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Types of Tetra Food

Meta DescriptionThere are some types of tetras fish food. Some of them are really easy to get, and you can try to feed your tetras with these varieties of food. 

Tetras are amazingly beautiful tiny aquarium fish. Tetras are one of the very well-known aquarium fish. Here are some of the tetras fish food that you can give to your tetra.

Produced Foods

Produced foods include pellets, wafers, and flakes. Fish flakes are the most popular food for aquarium fish. There are varieties of flakes you can get. Flakes that are mixed with meat and some vegetable are the best. This mixing will also increase the nutrients into the tetras fish food. Moreover, it is best not to choose wheat flakes. You are also recommended to feed tetras with vegetable flakes, particularly the ones that contain Spirulina algae.

Frozen organism

Organisms such as bloodworms or mosquito larvae are usually frozen and used as tetra food. Feed the tetras the same way as with any other types of food: You better feed as much as your tetras can consume in three to five minutes. Bear in mind, the frozen organism can get rotten, so it is very important to store them at a very low temperature.

Frozen Food
You can get frozen food such as frozen fish at the grocery store or the fish market. Once again, it is not only frozen fish, but any other frozen food that is most likely your tetras are going to eat. Be aware that in their natural habitat, tetras eat insects, larva, and tiny organisms. Therefore, you can not feed frozen fish directly to your terta. You can cut them into very small sizes or blend them and make pallets out of it.

Living organisms

Tetras love to eat tiny living creatures, just like they eat in their natural habitat. Some living organisms for tetras are small shrimp, flies, and micro-worms. You don’t have to buy any of these. Just go to the river or lake and get those as your tetras fish food, or any place that are mostly worms can live there. Make sure those living organisms do not carry parasites. You can boil them for safety before you feed them to you tetras.

So, there you have it. You can mix those tetras fish food if you want, to add more varieties to your fish diet.

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