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How to Maintain Damselfish in a Saltwater Aquarium

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If you’re still newcomer in keeping saltwater fish, damselfish would be perfect for you. Read this to learn how to maintain damselfish in a saltwater aquarium.

Damselfish family may be one of the largest group amongst saltwater fish. Even though each species has their own uniqueness, they generally have bright colors, great endurance and relatively easy to keep. Despite their hardiness, you still have to pay attention to these things when you want to keep damselfish in a saltwater aquarium.

       1)    Keep the wide space in the tank
Damselfish can adapt well in different environments, so it won’t be really difficult to keep them in the aquarium. However, there is one thing you should note. In spite of its cuteness, this saltwater fish can turn aggressive when they only have little swimming space. That’s why you should prepare a tank with minimum of 30 gallons in volume

        2)    There’s no special diet for this little one
Good news for you, damselfish is not a picky eater. They tend to eat almost anything that you give to them. Majority of them are omnivores, so you can feed them with live food or frozen food, including worms, shrimp, squid or small pieces of fish. Before you feed them, please make sure what species your damselfish is because certain species of damselfish may be herbivore.

       3)    Can I put another fish with the damselfish in a saltwater aquarium?
The answer is yes, if you have a large aquarium. Damselfish are renowned for their territorial nature, so they really aggressive towards other species. They also can be a bully, so put them with timid saltwater fish like firefish or goby fish is a big no.

But if you still insist to add another fish, you can add semi-aggressive fish like clownfish, tangs, dottyback or dwarf angelfish. Whichever fish that you choose, it would be best to add your damselfish in the last order. It will give times for semi-aggressive fish to claim their territory first before the aggressive damselfish come in.
For the beginners, damselfish would be the great saltwater fish for you to consider. They are lovely, tough and easy to keep. Still, it’s still important to learn more about how to maintain damselfish in a saltwater aquarium, so you won’t make any grave mistake.

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