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The Technique of Maintaining Tangs fish in a saltwater aquarium

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Tangs fish is really popular because of its unique features. If you want to keep one, you should know these tips of maintaining tangs fish in a saltwater aquarium.

Following the popularity of clown fish, tangs are also one of the important characters in the “Finding Nemo”. If you remember Dory, then you have met the blue tangs. There are also other varieties of tangs fish like yellow, black or brown color tangs.
Because of its beauty, there are many beginners who interest to buy this fish for their first tank. If you’re one of them, these are some awesome technique for maintaining tangs fish in a saltwater aquarium.
       1)    You need a big aquarium for you tangs
Full-grown tangs fish may reach 6-12 inches in size. If you buy a small aquarium, it can put them into stress and eventually lead them to death. In order to make a comfortable living place for tangs, you may need at least a 150 gallon tank or even bigger if you put few tangs in the aquarium. It will be better if you can prepare at least 6 feet in length aquarium.

       2)    Tangs' favorite food is vegetable
If you want to give them natural food like what wild tangs eat, then you can keep algae in your aquarium. Unfortunately, too many algae may harmful to corals in the aquarium. Moreover, one tang may easily eat up all of the algae in less than a day.  That’s why you also need to feed your tangs with vegetable matter like plain nori. Tangs also can eat meaty food, such as mysis shrimp, chopped scallops, etc.

       3)    Tangs are really sensitive to poor water condition
Even if you have prepared a big aquarium for your tangs, it can’t ensure the healthiness of your tangs. Tangs fish in a saltwater aquarium are proven to stress and bad water condition is one of the factors that usually put tangs into stress. To prevent this condition, you can use chemical filtration, high-quality skimmer or small ozonizer. If you want to keep the water fresh, 10% water change bi-weekly would be sufficient.
If you want to keep tangs fish in a saltwater aquarium, you should learn about them beforehand in order for your tangs to live happily.

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