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Popular Types of Saltwater Aquarium Fish

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Saltwater aquarium fish is famous for its unique color. If you’re interested in keeping one, then these 5 popular saltwater aquarium fish may be a great choice.

Getting bored with ordinary fish in your aquarium? How about trying to keep saltwater aquarium fish to give different atmosphere in your aquarium? Even though keeping saltwater aquarium fish take more work than freshwater fish, it will be pay off because saltwater aquarium fish is well-known for its vibrant color and beauty. Fortunately, these popular saltwater aquarium fish will be perfect for beginners like you.
       1)    Clownfish
If you love Nemo, then you should add clownfish in your collection. This orange color fish is really active, so it will be really fun to see them swimming around in your aquarium. Even though they’re a big eater, it will be okay as long as you regularly put dry pellets or frozen food in the tank.

        2)    Firefish
This unique fish may can’t spit real fire, but they have light color body with a magenta red tail, so the name really suits them. Contrast with the clownfish, firefish is usually really shy. It’s really cute how they quickly hide behind the rock when you’re getting closer.

        3)    Butterfly Fish
This butterfly looking fish has vibrant yellow color and long slim mouth. Most of them are easy to care, but each subspecies has specific dietary requirements, so you should learn them before you decide to buy butterfly fish.

       4)    Green Chromis
If blue is your favorite color, then this saltwater aquarium fish must be included in your tank. What’s great about Green Chromis is it has luminescent blue color that will look lovely when there’s light.

        5)    Tangs
When you look into tangs fish, you will get this kind of calm feeling. Tang has a bright soft yellow or blue color that will be a good combination within your tank. Generally, they are unaggressive with other fish, but they tend to fight with their own kind.
Those are 5 popular saltwater aquarium fish that will bring an extraordinary beauty to your aquarium. What do you think? If you’re interested to start a saltwater aquarium, then let’s search for your favorite fish to fill your community tank!

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