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How to Maintain Clown fish in a saltwater aquarium

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Clown fish is well-known for its beauty and vibrant color. These are some important tips to maintain your clown fish in a saltwater aquarium.

Clown fish has become one of the most popular saltwater aquarium fish. Besides their appearance as a main protagonist in the “Finding Nemo”, they also have vibrant orange color that makes them really beautiful. Naturally, many fish lovers want to keep them as a member of their community tank. If you’re still new to the game, here are some tips to maintain your clown fish in a saltwater aquarium.
       1)    Prepare enough size of aquarium
Clown fish can grow up to 15 cm in length, so you should prepare at least 90 cm x 30 cm x 38 cm aquarium. It will be really troublesome if your aquarium isn’t big enough for the clown fish and you have to move them into a bigger aquarium.

        2)    Maintain the water quality
Clown fish is rather special compared to another saltwater fish because they really need good water quality, so you should always clean your aquarium regularly. When you buy the aquarium, you need to ask the pet shop owner about the proper water filtration to keep your aquarium free from excess food, fish’s waste products, particulate or even dangerous chemical.

       3)    Give your clown fish a friend
It seems like clown fish love to socialize with its own kind, so should buy a pair of clown fish to make them happier.

       4)    Put some rocks, coral or sea anemones in your aquarium
Who says fish can’t get bored? Clown fish in a saltwater aquarium is susceptible to stress. That’s why some rocks or corals in the aquarium can be their playground. You could also put some sea anemones because it has mutualism symbiotic relationship with the clown fish. But, please take note of the variety of anemone because some anemones may be harmful to your clown fish.

       5)    Clown fish can eat nearly everything
Clown fish is an omnivore, so you can feed them twice to three times a day with live food, frozen food or flake food. If there are leftover foods at the bottom of the aquarium, it means you feed them too much.
If you intend to add a collection of clown fish in a saltwater aquarium, you should remember those tips. One wrong move and you may put your clown fish into danger!
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