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Types of Rainbow Shark Fish Disease

(Meta description: Well-known as one of the most aggressive, freshwater animals, rainbow shark fish have problems too. One of them is a rainbow shark fish disease.)

In some cases in life, there is weakness behind every sign of aggressiveness. Well-known as one of the most aggressive, freshwater animals, rainbow shark fish have problems too. One of them is a rainbow shark fish disease.

Rainbow shark fish disease is often triggered by their own stress. For example: the water quality issue. This disease is caused by the aquarium nitrogen cycle. The cause can be from the fish waste and other bio-processes. An aquarium test kit is needed to maintain the pH water balance every day.

Nitrogen Cycle Stages:
       1.      Ammonia from fish waste and uneaten food can harm your rainbow shark fish.
       2.      Nitrites can eliminate ammonia, but is still dangerous to your fish.
      3.      Nitrobacter can get rid of nitrites. Although generally safe, a large amount of nitrates can also still harm your rainbow shark fish.

Types of Diseases
To avoid any rainbow shark fish disease, do not overfeed them. Just give them enough high-quality foods, similar to the natural habitat they live in. They are omnivores, so vary their diets too.

Rainbow shark fish can eat veggies like boiled zucchinis, peas, and romain lettuce. They also love small crustaceans and insects. Just feed them weekly with brine shrimp, bloodworms, daphnias, and artemias.

They can get sick, like with: ich, swim bladder disorder (SBD), fungus, and skin flukes. This is why the water quality in the aquarium needs to be regularly maintained.

At least between 20 – 25% of water in the aquarium should be changed out weekly. The substrate also needs to be vacuumed to remove waste, like: fish waste, uneaten foods, or other bio-processes.

De-stressing The Fish
It is easier if you just want to have one rainbow shark fish. If not, you need a bigger aquarium, 125 gallons of water long at least. Since rainbow shark fish disease can also be triggered by their own stress, do not put two of their kind in one aquarium. Put them in as the last after the other fish, since they tend to get territorial.

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