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Types of Feed Given in The Maintenance of Guppies

Meta: Feeding guppies with the right food will keep them healthy and grow well. Here are some types of food that you can get for your beloved guppies.

Guppies are like humans; they need nourishing food to grow well. Feeding the guppies with the wrong food could make them ill or even dead. For you who are maintaining guppies, you need to ensure that you give them proper food. Here we mention some types of food that you can use to feed guppies.

Flake Food for Tropical Fish

Since guppies are tropical fish, they need food that is recommended for tropical fish. You can purchase flake food that is made for tropical fish in a pet store. This type of flakes is provided as a basic daily food to feed guppies. Choose high-quality brands containing both protein and vegetable for your guppies. Ensure that you feed them a pinch of flake food only once or twice a day and don’t overfeeding them.

More Nutritious Treats than Flake Food

Occasionally, you can replace the flake food with extra nourishing food. This food is ideal for keeping their health. You can replace the flake food with more nourishing food every 2-7 days. Some of that food, like baby brine shrimp and blood worms or mosquito larvae, can be purchased in the pet store. Don’t give them tubifex worms and live daphnia since they are contained lethal bacteria that will be harmful to the guppies. You can also feed guppies with some vegetable, consists of shucked peas, finely chopped cucumber, and shredded lettuce. These vegetables are important for your guppies especially if the flake food does not contain enough vegetable matters.
Those are some types of food to feed guppies that you can provide as their daily food and supplement. One thing you should consider: never overfeed. Guppies have a small stomach, so they only need a small amount of food. Even though they have already full, but when you are overfeeding, they will eat the food which can lead them to get the illness.

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