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Everything You Need to Know about Bala Sharks Fish Feed

Everything You Need to Know about Bala Sharks Fish Feed

Meta-description: Here are some tips of Bala Sharks fish feed to keep them healthy and active in your freshwater tank

What do you think when you hear the Bala Sharks name? That will remind you of the ocean's big predator. It has a resemblance in the fish and in the basic color: silver. However, the fish is not as ferocious as the shark, and the body is sleek.

Still, if you ask about their eating behavior, it is in common with the sharks. Like sharks, Bala Sharks are an omnivore. They love to eat anything. And if you are the fish enthusiasts who intend to maintain Bala Shark at homes, consider these tips of Bala Sharks fish feed:

Limit the Food
Bala Shark is a greedy fish. They tend to eat anything they meet and scavenge the leftover meals. If they grow bigger until 14 inches, they will eat the fish smaller than half of their size. In their natural habitat, they love to eat phytoplankton, crustaceans, and insects.

When in captivity, Bala Shark acts excited as they get fed. Some people think that it is a sign that they are hungry. Whereas, the fish is greedy and love to eat.

Per day, give the fish one large meal and two times smaller ones. It is good for their diet and won't make them overeating.

Give Some Worms and Insects
Foods like tiny crustaceans and shrimp are good for their protein balance. It is the basic nutrition they need to grow bigger and healthier.

The adults Bala Shark can also eat earthworms and mussels. However, prevent to feed them bloodworms because it can damage their digestion

Other Fresh Food
Since the fish are an omnivore, they also love to eat vegetable and fruits. To add great nutrition for their diet, provide some chopped spinach and fruits for them. The fruits and the vegetables can be given as smaller meals per day.

You know that the Bala Sharks fish feed is easy, and that is one of the benefits of maintaining the fish in your tank. Still, make sure that you provide the balanced nutrition and don’t give them too much food for it can hurt the digestion as well.


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