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The Easy Way of Spawning of Bala Shark Fish Yourself

Meta-description: In spawning of Bala Sharks fish yourself, there are several things to consider. Here they are.

One of the most favorite fish for the tropical tanks enthusiasts is Bala Shark fish. Known for its black-tipped fin that resembles a shark, Bala Shark is considered as a fish with tolerant and easy temperament. It also has a shiny look, thanks for the silver color skin that can reflect the light.

The juveniles only have 3-inch length. However, this tiny measure makes many tanks enthusiasts don't realize that it can grow up until 14-inch length. Hence, you need some preparation in spawning this silver shark. And here there are the things you can do in the spawning of Bala Sharks fish yourself:

Mate Two Bala Shark
Bala Shark species reaches maturity when it already has 10-15 cm in size. It cannot easily mate when it is young, so, breeding Bala Shark in the tank is not as easy as other tropical fish.

Moreover, you cannot easily tell the gender of the Bala Shark. So, how to understand whether you buy female or male Bala Shark? You can only see it when they grow up (male ones tend to grow larger, and the females have round), or ask the professional breeders.

Set Up the Habitat
The ideal breeding tank for Bala Shark is the ones with the temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and fewer plants inside. The bare bottom aquarium is the ideal place to lay the fry.

The Bala Shark reproduction mode is external fertilization. The females produce eggs, scatter them in the tank, and the males will fertilize them.

Prepare New Tank
After the males fertilize the eggs, both males and females will not pay any attention to them. Instead, they might eat their own eggs and even the fry. In their natural habitat, Bala Shark will travel, and they won't protect their eggs or fry.

Hence, if you want to spawn them yourself, prepare the different tank for the eggs and fry. It will protect them and let them grow well.

 It can be a challenge in the spawning of Bala Sharks fish in your home, by yourself, also takes time and effort. However, if you provide their basic needs and be patient, you will get the best result.

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