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Types of Bala Sharks Fish Disease

Meta-description: There are some types of Bala Sharks fish disease that many fish-hobbyists must pay attention to.

Looking for tropical fish for your aquarium? Bala Shark is a good choice for the freshwater tank. Although the name reminds you of that giant sea predator, Bala Shark is actually a stunning tiny fish with silver color that can turn into rainbow colors due to the light reflection.

The behavior of this freshwater fish is quite tolerant, and they can easily produce fry. However, just like other aquarium fish, the fish tend to be prone to several diseases. Types of Bala Sharks fish disease usually come from the dirty water in the tank. And here some diseases that Bala Shark usually susceptible to:

Ich is a disease that attacks the skin, and it is a highly infectious virus. The ich is marked with white spots in the surface of the skin. Since it makes them uncomfortable, the Bala Shark will swim oddly and scratch many things. To overcome this disease, you can quarantine the infected Bala Shark.

The dropsy Bala Shark is full of fluid. And when the fish are bloating, it leads to swelling. The dropsy is caused by bacteria or parasite. To prevent this highly contagious disease, you can clean the water regularly with partial change.

This tricolor fish is easy to be stressed. When they are depressed, they are prone to not eating, and it can reduce their immunity. Give some stressors like waiting for some couples of weeks before clean the tanks and remove the Bala Shark, or put them in the group since Bala Sharks are schooling fish.

Now you know the types of Bala Sharks fish disease. Besides its easy temperament and adaptable character to many living conditions, you must give extra efforts so that the Bala Sharks won't be infected to any disease.

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