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4 Diseases that can attack Emperor Tetra's fish and how to treat them

Meta: Below is 4 Diseases of the fish Emperor Tetra which is usually related to freshwater diseases commonly suffered by tropical water fish and how to treat them.

Like other animals, fish can get sick, too. It is why you have to follow the steps and methods of taking care of your fish. Poor water quality is one of the causes your fish goes ill. It also happens when your fish get stressed. Different kinds of fish usually suffered from different diseases.
When you see your fish get sick, take a closer look. Analyze every aspect of the tank that may cause the illness. If you can’t find one, you can ask help from the professional. Emperor Tetra can suffer from freshwater diseases. Below are diseases of the fish Emperor Tetra along with their treatment.

       1.     Ammonia Poisoning or Burn
Ammonia poisoning may be the cause of the illness when you see your fish’s gills are red or inflamed. This type of disease may also happen when there are too many fish in one tank. You should cycle your tank once you see one of them happens. Place some fish into another tank if the current tank is overcrowded. Make sure that you frequently change the water.

       2.     Malawi Bloat
This disease may be suffered by your fish when they experience loss of body color, and they look bloated. It can happen due to malnutrition or bacterial infection. You can replace 25% of the water in the tank every other day. Also, add the amount of food given. If your fish does not recover yet, you can buy medication in your favorite pet store.

       3.     White Spots
When you see some white spots on your fish skin, your pet may suffer from the white spot. It happens due to poor water quality. Increase the water temperature to 28 degrees Celsius to remove the parasite. Use medication to help your fish recover quickly.

       4.     Pop-eye
When you see one or both of your fish eyes popping out, they may suffer from this disease. A bacterial infection causes this disease. Before using any medication, make sure to change the water in the tank and remove the carbon filtration. Try Tetracycline or supplement alongside vitamin-enriched foods to treat your fish.

Those are 4 diseases of the fish Emperor Tetra. Many of those diseases are caused by poor water quality and lack of nutrition. Never forget to give extra nutrition like vitamins and change the water regularly to help your fish survive.
Reference: https://www.fishlore.com/Disease.htm

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