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Emperor Tetra Fish Spawning Technique For Business

Besides its simple maintenance, Emperor Tetra Fish spawning technique is a little bit tricky. But you can learn it from this article.

Besides you can enjoy the beauty of this fish while maintaining it in your tank, Emperor Tetra Fish is also good for business. You could sell it for other hobbyists. It is not apart from its characteristic, which always has 50 to 100 eggs at once.

During breeding, it will need some works as well as during spawning. The Emperor Tetra Fish spawning technique is a little bit tricky. One male Emperor Tetra is only for one Female Emperor Tetra. Make sure you separate this couple from their community into another tank where the breeding process begins. Ensure that aquarium has been enough planted for the fish putting its eggs as well.

Emperor Tetra Fish spawning period begins without any stimulation. If a male and a female fish in one tank, they will start to breed. Male tends to be smaller than female and has blue eyes while the female has a green one. If you still need stimulation, just ensure enough foods for the fish.

After one of two days, the fish will start spawning on the surface of a plant in the breeding tank. This is a crucial period because the parent fish will be very aggressive. In this situation, you should immediately remove both parent fish from the breeding tank to avoid them from starting to eat its eggs.

The Emperor Tetra fish egg will hatch in 24 to 48 hours. After that, the fish baby immediately needs small size food such as hatched brine shrimp or microworms. Don't forget to change the water weekly as well. Young Emperor Tetra fish's treatment is similar to the adult one. But, because this fish is very small, so your eyes should be more careful because these baby might be accidentally swept away while replacing the water. As the young fish still fragile, the pH of the water itself should be controlled to avoid it is too acidic.

Emperor Tetra Fish spawning technique seems quite difficult. But after it grows into adult size, the maintenance will be much easier. If you have a question or having something to share about breeding this fish, you are welcome to share it through the comment section below.

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