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How to Maintain Emperor Tetra Fish in Aquarium

Emperor Tetra Fish is an exotic pet that you can maintain Emperor Tetra Fish in aquarium easily without any difficulties. Here is the way to do it.

Have you ever heard about Emperor Tetra Fish? Emperor Tetra Fish with its Latin name Nematobrycon Palmeri is a fish from Colombia with 35-42 mm size.

Its physical characteristic as a small size fish yet stunning as well.  Its skin along its abdomen typically has a glowing color if it gets light. This look makes Emperor Tetra one of the favourite pets among fish lovers. Especially its reasonable price and simple maintaining cost.

In the market, Emperor Tetra Fish can be valued around Rp 2,000 to Rp 5000 for each fish. If you are interested in having this unique and beautiful fish, you need to remember that Emperor Tetra is a community fish. You can't put only one fish in the aquarium. 3 to 6 Tetra Fish should be in one place. But don't put it too much as well. The density of the aquarium must be considered as well to make those fishes comfortable.

While maintaining Emperor Tetra fish in the aquarium, put a heavy planted tank in order to closely mimic its natural habitat in Columbia. Java Moss or spawning moss can be the option. It also helps the fishes in putting their eggs for reproduction matters.

Aquarium itself should get more attention. Talking about maintaining Emperor Tetra Fish in the aquarium, the water acidity in the tank should be around not more than pH 6.5 and below than 5.0. Make sure you are using closed aquarium for this fish because it can jump out.

Keep the water temperature between 24-27 degree Celsius with the aquarium size around for 80 L water volume.

For the foods, Emperor Tetra is not picky. You can feed them with frozen food. But while breeding period, it will be better to give live foods such as mosquitos, larva, or daphnia regarding their strength while spawning.

Emperor Tetra fish is living in clean water its natural habitat, that's why regularly renewed tank water is needed. Maintaining these fish need the commitment of the owner, even though it doesn't require a high cost.
For you who have already maintained this type of fish, you can share any experiences with others by posting it through the comment section below.

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