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Type Of Feed Given To The Cultivation Of Black Phantom Tetra Fish

(Meta description: How much do you know about black phantom tetra fish feed? Before you decide to keep some, make sure you are aware of what to feed them. Here are some of the examples.)

When it comes to breeding and looking after fish, foods are important. If you are still an amateur at this, any pellets are possible for you. However, you need to be aware that each type of fish has different characteristics. With black phantom tetra fish feed, there are things you need to know first.

For starters, here are the fun facts about black phantom tetra fish:

     1.    They are social creatures.
Therefore, you should not put just one fish in the tank. As social creatures, black phantom tetra swims in groups. Have at least six of them in the same tanks. The males can train with each other. They are also not the aggressive type unless when feeling threatened.

      2.    They are omnivores.
You will not have much trouble when it comes to black phantom tetra fish feed. You can feed them a variety of fine flake and dried foods, for example, small insects and brine shrimp. That way, you can keep them healthy. The fresher the foods are, the better the fish are.

      3.    You still need to clean up their tanks.
After feeding your black phantom tetra fish, you still need to clean their tanks regularly. Sometimes, they can spit back some of the food debris, which will contaminate the water. It will breed bacteria which will hurt the fish.

      4.    They should breed in separate tanks.
When they breed, they should do that in a separate tank. It also involves changing the water pH level and hardness to suit the process. If the usual pH level is between 6.0 to 7.5, drop it to 5.5. The hardness should be 4 dGH.

      5.    They are not good with more aggressive species.
All fish, including black phantom tetra fish, need to eat in peace. It means they cannot have aggressive tankmates. Not only stealing their food, but the more aggressive species will also harm your black phantom tetra fish.

So, here are the things you need to know when it comes to black phantom tetra fish feed.

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